Window tinting

I live in a two-room apartment in Moscow. All windows of the apartment overlook the sunny side. In the summer it is impossible to be in the rooms. Thought to do tinted window glass. Who is doing this in Moscow, tell me?
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Note that in tinting windows, besides the obvious advantages, there are also disadvantages. For example, with tinted rooms there will always be gloomy lighting and rooms will warm up more slowly.
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By the way, in our office, we also decided that the windows that overlook the street were toned. It was a very correct decision, since in the summer it is impossible to be in the office, much less work. After that, the office has become cooler and more comfortable to work. So, if you decide to tint windows in an apartment, you have found a company - they tint windows in Moscow
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And I would make a tint with a mirror image. For the first floor such a solution is perfect. Moreover, in our country it is not prohibited by law, even in the apartment tinted, even in the office.