Why not change?

Alena Mikhailova
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Why not change?

For some people, the word �treason� is an empty sound, but for some it is akin to collapse, because their world collapses and they lose confidence in a loved one. That is why you should think well, because deciding on this step, you can lose more than you gain. In this article, we discuss why you can not change.

Ethical treason

If we consider treason from the ethical side, then even in modern society it is an unseemly act, since the principles of most religions presuppose precisely a monogamous way of life. Changing his partner, a person first of all violates moral norms. Monogamy is especially important for couples crowned in the church: after all, if a person takes an oath of loyalty in front of the altar, and subsequently goes against his own words, in any religion this is a great sin.

Treason in terms of psychology

If we consider the betrayal in this vein, it should be remembered that most often the one who was changed, considers himself a devotee.His world is crumbling because he can no longer trust the closest person and is left alone with his broken dreams. Of course, we can say that almost all people change, but still this is a small consolation. Subsequently, it is very difficult for a dedicated person to build a personal life, as he is always looking for a dirty trick, he is tormented by suspicions.

The person who changes, you should put yourself in the place of your partner. Surely he will not want to experience such emotions, and it will be quite difficult for him to live with a load of guilt after that. There is also a chance that treason will come out, and then the union will end. For this reason, you need to think carefully and not make mistakes that can lead to rupture.