Why is the water in the sea salty?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
July 27, 2011

The long-awaited trip to the sea for a small child turns out to be very informative and amazing. Having bathed at least once in the salty sea, the baby will surely ask the parents why the water in the sea is salty. Do not worry that you embarrassed his question. Not every parent will remember the primary school curriculum. After all, he did not so often come across such a question in his life and it is characteristic of many to forget it.

Why is the water in the sea salty, and in the river and the lake - fresh

You will be surprised, but so far even scientists will not be able to give their child an exact answer to his question about salty sea water. A mystery for experts is how much salt has accumulated in the sea, from where it originally came from. But there are a number of versions that we now consider.

Explain to your child that when it rains, it dissolves small particles of salt that are in the soil and in the rocky rocks. The streams are formed, which flow into the rivers. The rivers in turn flow into the seas and transfer salt there. And salt is accumulating in the sea, that's why ...The sun shines, under its influence evaporation of water occurs, and the salt remains in the sea. The water then again falls on the ground in the form of precipitation, and the same process is repeated. Imagine how much salt could accumulate in the seas for millions of years! To make it clearer, draw a schematic why the water in the sea is salty.

The second version of scientists about why the water in the sea is salty, is as follows. Initially, when the Earth appeared, the water in the sea was already saline, and the rivers and lakes were fresh. We are talking about a time when life on Earth did not even exist. Imagine how long ago it was! Rivers flow into the sea, and the sea can not flow into the river, so the salt does not go into other bodies of water from the sea and ocean. Salt lingers in large ponds. Substances brought by the river settle to the bottom of the seas for the most part, and under the pressure of water the seabed landscape also changes.

Nowadays, scientists are of the opinion that there are certain substances that can make water salty. Their appearance in the seas is associated with volcanic activity in the crust. The igneous rocks erupted from the mantle, mixed with water and gave it salinity.

We no longer go back to the past and see how everything was in antiquity, how everything originated and began. The composition of the seas does not change for hundreds of millions of years, so now it is extremely difficult for us to assert and prove our idea of ​​salt accumulation in the seas.