Why is the screen black?

The appearance of a black screen, at the time of turning on the computer, can be caused by various reasons - malfunctions in the computer system unit or problems with the monitor. The article lists the main cases why the screen is black. Not always, when a black screen appears, a breakdown can be serious, and often it is not a breakdown at all.

Monitor problems

As a rule, in 50% of cases, it is the monitor that is to blame for the appearance of a black screen after turning on the computer, and most often it is not a breakdown. Turn off the monitor and unplug the cable connecting the monitor to the system unit. Now press the power button on the monitor. If after turning on the monitor the light comes on and the table of the monitor diagnostics appears, then everything is fine. There is also no reason to worry about the state of the monitor in the event that you see on the monitor an inscription that there is no signal. This means that everything is in order with the monitor itself. You can check the monitor in another way by connecting it to another computer - in this case, if on the monitor you see the computer boot screen, then it works fine. It is possible that the case in the connecting cord leading from the monitor to the system unit.I had just such a problem, stuck a new cord, and everything began to work normally. The last way is to replace the power cord. If none of the above methods worked, then this is a serious matter and you need to show the monitor to specialists.

Problems with the system unit

Often we hear that the appearance of a black screen when the PC is turned on may be due to some incompatibility of the software (software) installed on the computer. In fact, it is not. The reasons for the failure of the system unit can be:

  • Bad USB connectors. In this case, you need to disconnect such connectors from the motherboard, after examining them for damage. In the event that the USB connectors are broken or damaged in some other way, they must be disconnected in order for the computer's initial boot system - the BIOS - to stop accessing them with requests.
  • Corrupted hardware connected to a computer. This can be a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, external hard drive, as well as internal elements - for example, a hard drive or a video card. First, check out what is the most accessible, very often the reason for the black screen lies in these devices.If you are not confident in your knowledge of the "insides" of a computer, it is better not to take any action, but to contact a knowledgeable friend or specialists. Although, I remember, I once mastered something, just digging independently several times inside. But if you are not sure, it is better not to climb. If you still decide, then attention (!) - be sure to disconnect the system unit from the network in order to avoid electric shock!
  • Faulty wiring. It is possible that the reason for the black screen is much easier than you think. It often happens that the fault of any wire that is not inserted as it should in the connector. If this does not help and you have another wire in stock (for example, connecting the system unit and the monitor), change it and see what happens. The stock of old wires rescued me more than once, so don’t throw them away.
  • Accumulated dust. It is likely that the dust accumulated on the motherboard or in other parts of the system unit interferes with the normal load, so unscrewing and removing the lid of the system unit, clean your computer properly of dust, of course, not forgetting to disconnect it from the network. This is very useful to do in other cases - for example, when a video card overheats.

Why a black screen in a game?

There are usually two reasons why a black screen occurs during or when the game loads:

  • The problem is with the graphic, that is, with the video card. Often, the appearance of a black screen indicates that the video card does not “pull” this game, it is difficult for it to cope with information processing, or it is faulty.
  • The problem with the compatibility of the video card with the game. Perhaps the most common reason for the appearance of a black screen in a game. In this case, you can advise to update the driver for your video card. This can happen sometimes with a variety of games. If these are isolated cases, then that's okay, but if this is a system, then, most likely, the matter is either in an outdated driver, or in a weak or old video card.

Why a black screen on a TV?

We all have long been using cable television. Very often, the situation why a black screen appears on the TV may indicate that the channel on which we turned on the TV or to which we switched is currently unavailable. In this case, click on other channels. If the black screen is everywhere, but the TV menu is available, check the cable connector.If this does not work, call your operator. It is also useful to connect a video player to the TV, if you can watch a disc or cassette, it is exactly in your cable TV. If the video signal in this case is not observed, try turning off the TV, and then turning it on again. If none of these methods helped, call the wizard.