Why is television not working?

Unfortunately or fortunately, but the favorite entertainment of most of us is television, and therefore, when instead of color pictures we suddenly see black and white flies, we are incredibly upset and want to fix everything as soon as possible.

Let's see why television does not work and how to correct the situation.

Cable TV does not work

First start

If cable TV does not work when you first turn it on, you can almost with 100% probability say that the cause of the breakdown is incorrect installation of the antenna. The fact is that the satellite dish that provides cable TV is a rather capricious device: if it is not correctly directed to the satellite, the channels will not work.

Tuning the antenna is not easy, and therefore it is best if it is performed by specialists sent to you from the provider to connect cable TV. In that case, if you have to do the work yourself, please note that you will definitely need an assistant - one must rotate the antenna, the other - to monitor the signal level.

Previously worked

If it’s not about the first power on, it’s harder to find the cause of the problem. Among the most popular are:

  • Incorrect installation of the receiver's card - if there are children in your family, no one guarantees that while you were away to the kitchen, your “flowers of life” did not take the card into their hands in order to use it as a new toy.
  • Problems with the antenna - if there was a thunderstorm or a strong wind recently, it is quite possible that the antenna has shifted or - worse, has been damaged.
  • Wires are disconnected - check whether all the wires are located in their sockets, you could easily touch the wires, and some of them are disconnected.
  • Receiver faults - see if the light on your receiver is on, if not, then the problem is probably in a faulty receiver.
  • Channels got lost - try to re-tune the channels, sometimes they get lost for inexplicable reasons.
  • Paid channel - you may have come to the channel for which additional payment is required. In this case, as a rule, you will see a black screen and an inscription like "Coded channel", to eliminate the "breakdown", simply switch to one of the channels provided for by your subscription fee.

By the way, it should be said that all these reasons may be relevant when first turned on.

Digital TV does not work

In fact, in the case of digital TV, the causes of breakdowns may be identical to the causes of cable TV breakdowns: malfunctions of the set-top box itself, disconnection of wires, lost channels, late payment, etc.

In addition, it should be said that often the digital television signal disappears due to problems with the repeater - digital television in Russia is only developing, and therefore frequent failures for this type of broadcasting are not surprising. This problem is especially relevant in case of bad weather - strong wind, snowfall, rain.

If only a part of the channels does not work, the most likely thing is that you forgot to pay for digital TV services, for example, the operator Rostelecom in the event of non-payment leaves the user with 8 channels, and blocks the rest. There are operators who, upon non-payment, leave only one channel to the workers.

Nothing helps

If you have checked all possible causes of breakdowns and everything is normal - the wires are in place, the antennas are set up correctly, the cards are installed correctly, the receiver is working, etc., and the television still does not want to “educate”, you will probably have to contact the provider who provides you with TV services, and instruct him to analyze the problem.

As a rule, verbal instructions on the phone are sufficient to fix the problem, but if they do not help, the wizard will send you help. True, it is possible that the call will have to be paid. Be sure to clarify this question.