Why is she a fool?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
February 28, 2013
Why is she a fool?

Often in hearts, having quarreled or having quarreled with your girlfriend, you wonder why she is such a fool ?! Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer this question unequivocally, no matter how hard you try.

The thing is that men and women, as is known, from different planets, and they think and feel differently.

Causes of women's "stupidity"

Often women are unfairly accused of stupidity simply because they do not understand the reasons for their behavior.

  • Women are emotional creatures, and if for a man always and everything is logically simple and clear, then for a woman everything is always more complicated. A woman never goes a straight path, she will always look for a bunch of reasons, overtones, secret meanings and riddles. The same situation is assessed differently by a girl and a young man. Men do not understand this, and we think that they are just fools.
  • Girls, especially young ones, are often extremely naive, and this feature is often confused with stupidity. Men, taking advantage of the openness and naivety of their companion, can meet simultaneously with several such “fools”, and respond equally badly to each of them.
  • Often, when we meet a very beautiful girl who is obsessed with her appearance, we do not notice anything except her appearance, and therefore we are extremely unflattering about her mental abilities. If she is beautiful, why is she a fool? Is it necessary to have a pretty face combined with a complete lack of reason? Look at her more closely, it is quite possible that you are simply not serious about her, therefore you call her "a fool."
  • Often, the mistresses of married men are called fools, as they have been waiting for years for their beloveds to abandon their family and home and go to her, and they will live happily ever after. Far from so often their desires are fulfilled, and the label "complete fool" is permanently attached to poor girls.

How to deal with it

Of course, the shortcomings, both our own and those of others, must be fought:

  • If you think that absolutely all women who meet you on the way fools, then you probably should seriously think about their own self-esteem. Perhaps you have delusions of grandeur or just some kind of complex that does not allow you to treat women normally. This must be fought. Go to a psychologist, delve into yourself, maybe it will pass.
  • If you think that next to you is a fool, then think about the fact that the girl with whom you meet, above all, characterizes you. After all, this is your choice, it means that you have chosen the wrong one, it means that you do not know how to choose normal girls.
  • Or it may be that you have not yet met your one and only, everything will pass when you meet the very most beautiful, kind, and above all clever one on your way. And then everything will be fine. And the question of why she is a fool, will disappear by itself as unnecessary.

There is no doubt that everybody cannot be fools, the stories are known the names of great and intelligent women. And before blaming everyone, try to understand yourself first.