Why dream of red tomatoes?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 7, 2015
Why dream of red tomatoes?

At all times, dreams have been given special attention. It was believed that they could predict various future events. All the time, while people are dreaming, they try to interpret them, paying attention even to small details.

Next, we consider what dreams of red tomatoes.

Dream of Oriental Wise Men

Red tomatoes on the branches - to the formation of new orders in your life. You reconsider your point of view.

Red tomatoes trampled on the road - to the collapse of hope.

Tearing red tomatoes from branches is a chance for successful beginnings from life.

May Dream

There are red tomatoes - to obtain new knowledge that will help you in the future to cope with a situation that has been eating you for a long time.

Selling red tomatoes is a warning that if you spread a lot about your joy, luck will turn away from you.

Buy red tomatoes - you will meet a person who will bring something new into your life.

Ukrainian dream book

Red tomatoes dream of health problems. Visit a doctor immediately.

Red tomatoes fell out of the hands and deteriorate - to the fact that problems and failures will leave you, and at last the white stripe in life will begin.

Dream dream Hasse

Any ripe vegetables, including red tomatoes, mean a secret affair that you can no longer hide. Covert becomes clear.

Also, red ripe tomatoes can mean that it’s time to move to a new stage of relationships - you are ripe enough for this, or finish them, as this will not bring anything good into your life.

Tomatoes on the table at a party mean that there are problems in the family.