Why dream of fingers?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 27, 2015
Why dream of fingers?

If in a dream you saw the fingers of your hands, then you should definitely understand what this portends. But how to interpret such a dream? Dream books will tell about the dream of fingers.

Female dream book

If you have seen fingers dirty and scratched, then in real life you will find bitterness and frustration. If they were clean and beautiful, then it is to meet with the second half. If the fingers were rings - to significant material losses, and if they were burned, then to heart anxieties. If in a dream your fingers were swollen and red, then soon money will come to you unexpectedly.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

To dream of very beautiful and graceful fingers - fortunately in love. If they were dirty in the mud, then you can’t avoid a quarrel with your loved one. If you saw an extra finger in your hands - to big changes in your life. They will be positive. You will not only improve your career, but also your relationship.

Ukrainian dream book

If you saw beautiful fingers in your dream, then in real life you will receive a profit or an inheritance from distant relatives.If the hand was without one finger - to serious trouble. Seeing her soiled in a dream - to a demonic temptation. If there were decorations on your fingers, then in real life you will make a good purchase, and at the same time you will pay for this a smaller amount than you planned.

Dream Dream

See graceful fingers - good luck in love. If they had rings and rings, then in real life you will be tempted. Overcoming it, you can improve your well-being. If the fingers were burned, then it is a domestic quarrel. If they were scratched, then it is to get good news from their close friends. To see how there are only two or three fingers on the hand - to the loss of valuable things, which then will be difficult to find.