Why does the body itch?

Sometimes the desire to scratch a certain part of the body becomes simply unbearable. When the whole body begins to itch, it becomes a real torture. And this is not at all connected with the well-known anecdote about a hedgehog, who just had not washed for a long time! If you have ever encountered such a situation, then you know how unpleasant it is. But why does it itch the body? What are the causes of this trouble, and what can be done about it? We'll figure out.

Causes of Itching in the Body

The main reasons why the whole body itches are the following:

  1. Scabies. This is a disease that occurs when a scabies mite falls on a person�s skin. This "pest" begins to actively live, develop and multiply on your skin. Pimples, small bubbles and gray stripes appear on it. The body begins to be itch unbearably because of the movements of the tick itself and because of the body's reaction to its metabolic products (eggs, saliva, excrement). At the slightest suspicion of scabies, you should seek help from a specialist dermatologist, because the disease responds well to the initial stages, when there are still not very many parasites. The doctor will prescribe you the necessary ointments and preparations.And remember that you can get scabies anywhere, and therefore it is necessary to observe hygiene.
  2. Allergy. Another very common cause of itching. It can arise from contact with the substance - an allergen: household chemicals, pollen, wool of various animals, certain foods, medicines, and so on. In such a situation, the main thing is to find out the allergen. As a rule, doctors prescribe antihistamines to such patients. Herbal baths, such as chamomile, oregano or celandine, also help a lot.
  3. Elevated blood sugar or diabetes can be accompanied by very severe itching. This is because such patients often suffer from dehydration, and, consequently, from the manifestations of all signs of dry skin. A similar diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. This disease is very serious and requires complex and long-term treatment.
  4. Other diseases can also cause itching: jaundice, poor kidney function, Hodgkin's lymphoma.
  5. Stress and overstrain often cause people to experience these unpleasant feelings.

Why does the body itch after a shower?

Many people face a similar problem.This may be due to water hardness, an unsuitable detergent, or, sadly, an allergy to the water itself. Very soft or hard water dries the skin. The water that flows from the tap, we can not change, so you can find a suitable lotion or balm after a shower to relieve itching. If it is connected with what you wash, change the means. And if misfortune befalls you, and you do not tolerate water at all, reduce the time for taking a shower and do not linger in the bath!

How to get rid of itching?

If the desire to scratch is caused by a serious illness, treatment cannot be avoided. However, there are some ways that help to dull or completely relieve itching.

  • Change the diet. Very salty, spicy and spicy foods, as well as coffee and tea in large quantities can be the main or secondary cause of itching, we exclude such products.
  • Calm down and start to get enough sleep. If it is difficult for you to do this, we call for help soothing drugs or folk remedies - motherwort and valerian.
  • Do not be tempted to comb. It is very difficult, but the more you itch, the more itchy!
  • Drink drugs containing calcium and iodine.
  • We use detergents without soap. That soap is very dry skin, and, consequently, causes severe itching.