Why do teeth fall out?

When a person loses his teeth, he certainly wonders why they fall out, and how could this be prevented? First of all, the cause should be identified, and only a dentist can do this.

Causes of tooth loss in humans

The reasons for this phenomenon can be many. The most frequent are gum diseases that become inflamed unless systematically removed from them. As a result of bacteria getting on the gum, it becomes inflamed and begins to bleed, which is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell from the mouth. If this is not cured in time, the density of the connection of the teeth and gums will break and the roots of the teeth will collapse. This disease is called periodontal disease and cannot be cured. To slow down the process you need to contact the periodontologist and follow all his recommendations. Often the reason why teeth fall out in adults is an incorrect bite, which results in gum damage. Also, the teeth can fall out due to irrational prosthetics and one-sided chewing.As a rule, if children have milk teeth, then there is nothing terrible about it. And if the root drops out, then the cause is most often caries. To treat it, contact your dentist. Today, there are many methods by which this disease can be cured in most cases, especially at an early stage.

Causes of tooth loss in dogs

Dogs are also prone to tooth loss, just like humans. Often the main problem is tartar, which was not removed in time, as a result of which periodontal disease developed, which led to the loss of a tooth. Also, the dog can lose a tooth and as a result of caries. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the dental cavity of your four-legged friend, and in the event of inflammation take to the veterinarian who will help solve the problem, and the tooth will remain in place. Perhaps the cause of inflammation is a lack of vitamins or bacteria, fungi, viruses. This is all curable, the main thing is to detect them at the initial stage. You should also give the dog bones that mechanically clean the plaque from the teeth. In addition, veterinarians are advised to brush your teeth once a week with toothpaste.

Causes of tooth loss in cats

Often the owners are wondering why the cat's teeth fall out? It is worth noting that this happens infrequently and the main cause is dysbacteriosis in the oral cavity. And if it is not treated, it will lead to the complete loss of your pet's teeth and can cause many other diseases. As a rule, cats rarely suffer from caries, but if you notice it in your pet, you must contact a veterinarian who will fill the tooth to prevent tooth loss. Also, the teeth in cats can fall out due to tartar, which leads to inflammation of the gums and subsequently to periodontal disease, which destroys the bone tissue.

Now you know why teeth fall out, and you will be attentive, not only to your health, but also to the health of your pets.