Why do men leave?

The fact that it does not develop family life, as a rule, both partners are to blame. from liability, putting all the blame on your spouse? After all, a woman has always been considered the keeper of the family hearth.

Psychologists have given a number of reasons why men leave the family.

Why men leave their wives: the opinion of men

Consider the most common opinions and reasons.

  1. Fading feelings. Even the brightest and sincere feelings become dulled over time. Daily everyday problems, the routine of everyday life lead to the alienation of the spouses and a sense of meaninglessness in relationships. Habits and behavior of a once beloved person cause only irritation. Reluctance to change something in relationships, to introduce elements of novelty, to arrange each other small surprises can push a man to leave the family in search of new impressions.
  2. Sexual dissatisfaction. As you know, among the life priorities of men, sex is one of the first places. Chronic fatigue, illness, or simply a weak temperament of a woman are causes of a deterioration in sexual relations and dissatisfaction with a spouse.Such a situation that develops over months, or even years, will inevitably force a man to look on the side of a sexual partner.
  3. Material difficulties. Responsibility for family affluence is usually assigned to a man. Even in the most stable family, temporary money problems can arise: reduction, failure in business, etc. In this case, a man may become depressed, feeling guilty and anxious about the material well-being of the family. Lack of moral support or constant reproaches from a woman can lead to the collapse of a marriage.
  4. Incompatibility of characters. No matter how trite this reason sounds, in fact, people with different temperaments, upbringing and views on life are very difficult to get along with each other. Even a minor problem can be the cause of a grand scandal. The inability to find a compromise with her husband, an atmosphere of quarrels and discontent will sooner or later cause her husband to leave the family.
  5. Appearance of a woman. Well-groomed appearance largely determines the attitude to her spouse. Unfortunately, most women after marriage begin to devote themselves much less time.Men feel deceived by marrying a blooming beauty, which eventually turns into a plump woman in a dirty robe without hair and makeup.
  6. Family traditions. The inability to find a common language with the relatives of the husband, in particular his parents, puts marriage at risk. According to statistics, 20% of success in family life is ensured by friendship with the mother-in-law. Even with some family differences with her husband, a woman can count on the support of his peace-loving relatives.
  7. Respect. Women should not forget that, by nature, man is a leader. In an effort to take this place, some women suppress a partner, underestimate his importance in the family, try to make all decisions alone. But not all men are willing to accept this situation. This creates conflict situations, the way out of which in some cases is a complete rupture of relations.
  8. Treason. A woman’s physical betrayal ranks last on the list of reasons for leaving a man from a family. Only 10% of married couples specify it at divorce.

After leaving the family, a man has the opportunity to calmly think about the situation, weigh all the pros and cons.