Why do I need a highlight in makeup?

If you want to master all the subtleties of the correct make-up, then use not only the popular basic tools, but also those that have recently been new and unknown. These include the high-heater. And what is it, and how to use this tool?

What it is?

Highlighter is a makeup tool that is used to highlight and highlight certain areas of the face. The word "highlight" in English translates as "underline", "highlight."

And the title is the whole point. Many people confuse the highlighter with masking tools and use it for these purposes, but this is a big mistake, as this tool can not only hide the defects, but also make them more visible and obvious due to the highlight effect.

The highlighter contains special ingredients that provide shine to the skin after application. These include mica, light pigments, nacre. Such components reflect the light and thus make the area glowing and conspicuous.Such a tool can give a face a natural and healthy glow, a fresh and young look, as well as a certain sculptural and relief.

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Most often, the highlighter is used to create glamorous, festive, podium or evening makeup. For a daytime make-up, this tool will not work, since daylight will make the skin too shiny, and it will look ridiculous. In addition, you should not use the tool and in the event that there are imperfections and obvious problems, such as acne or inflammation.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a highlighter? We list the most important points.


The hailers are represented in various shades today. And the choice of color is extremely important, as it allows you to achieve maximum naturalness, but at the same time to perform the main tasks of the considered means - underlining and highlighting.

Some useful tips:

  • If you - the owner of pale skin, then stop the choice on a shade of champagne or silver tones.
  • Girls with dark skin will be suited to highlighter of bronze or golden tones, which will make your face bright and fresh.
  • If you have yellowish or olive skin, then a peach shade highlighter can refresh it.
  • If your face blushes quickly, then the means of lilac, pink or bluish tinge will be your salvation.
  • A white-colored or pale pink hue will be ideal for emphasizing the eyes.

When choosing a color, focus on the maximum naturalness. Remember that the means of lilac or pink color is contraindicated to owners of dark skin, as they can make the face more mature.

If the skin is pale, then you should not use a highlighter of peach or golden hue, as it will be too noticeable. A universal beige shade is suitable for almost any skin color. But when choosing such a highlighter, make sure that its color is 1-2 tones lighter than skin color, otherwise use will be meaningless.


So he looks like

The main types of highlighters depending on the texture:

  • Liquid highlighter is suitable for dry or normal skin. Such a tool is ideal for contour or point application, and also allows to achieve naturalness. In addition, it is convenient to apply and is perfectly absorbed into the skin, leaving only a thin and barely noticeable shimmering veil.
  • It is easy to take a solid highlighter pencil with you and use it in almost any conditions and under any circumstances. But this option is not suitable for dry, thin or sensitive skin, as it can damage it.
  • If you prefer naturalness and light makeup, then use a highlighter in the form of powder, which will create a light, barely noticeable shine, and is also suitable for oily skin. If you skillfully apply such a tool, it can make even more original even daytime make-up. With the help of such a highlighter, even a large portion of the face can be distinguished, but for contouring and, moreover, point application, it will not work.
  • Cream-like high-heater is ideal for age, as well as dry skin. It will fill wrinkles and create a light, uniform, but at the same time quite dense shimmering coating. In addition, such products are resistant, so they are ideal for a holiday make-up.

To choose the best highlighter, determine skin type and application goals. Crumbly products are suitable for oily skin and extensive application. Liquid highlighters are ideal for dry skin and point application. A creamy remedy will hide wrinkles.

Release form

The form of the release affects the ease of application, so this criterion should be taken into consideration when choosing.

There are several options:

  • Tube - not the most convenient option, as well as aerosol flacon. This tool is suitable for application to large areas of the skin with your fingers, but the point application of the brush is difficult.
  • A jar is very convenient. Such a container is suitable for point application by brush.
  • A brush handle with a lid is the most convenient option for point application. No additional brushes are required, and the remedy can be easily taken with you.
  • Compact highlighter in the form of powder - a convenient option. Such a tool can also be taken on the road.
  • Poobraznoe means in the form of balls. This option will allow you to experiment with shades and mix them, while blending blush and highlighter. Apply the product with the help of powder.

Brand Overview

Luxury cosmetics

Overview of some tools:

  • "Loreal Magic of Light" is suitable for all skin types and is very easy to apply. As the reviews show, the tool really changes the face for the better.
  • “Cream color base” from “MAC” is applied with a finger and allows you to quickly and easily achieve the effect of shine. Many are satisfied and use this highlighter constantly.
  • Guerllain’s Meteorites.This highlighter is applied with a brush and is very economical. Radiance is natural and unobtrusive.
  • Collistar is available in 4 shades that can be combined or mixed.

How to use?

How to use face highlighter? It is important to do this correctly, otherwise you will not only not achieve the effect, but also exacerbate the situation.

First, we list the basic rules:

  1. The tool is applied after the tonal framework. All defects must be masked.
  2. The texture of the highlighter should be combined with a tonal basis.
  3. Do not use this tool for masking and do not apply it on most of the face and especially the entire surface.
  4. If you are using a liquid highlighter, apply it in minimal amounts and blend, otherwise it will not be absorbed and become wrinkled and wrinkled.
  5. Now it is worth considering the main methods of application.


To visually highlight the cheekbones, it is necessary to mark with the help of a highlighter their highest points. This will distract attention from small wrinkles around the eyes, as well as from dark circles under the eyes.


If the mouth is too wide, then pinpoint the hyliter into the corners of the lips and lightly blend it.And to add volume, mark the contour of the upper lip, and also put a small dot under the central part of the lower lip and gently blend it.


Useful tool

To visually reduce the nose, draw a thin strip from the nose to the tip. And if the nose is too small, then emphasize its wings, making not too bright glare on the sides.


If you want to make your eyes expressive and large, apply a highlighter under the eyebrow line and blend it. At such a reception is not suitable for those who have hanging eyelids. If the eyes are small or deep-set, then you can apply the tool in the middle of the moving eyelid, shading it. And to make the look more sincere and open, or to keep your eyes apart, select the inner corners of the hylayer.


To raise the eyebrows, apply a thin line above them. And if you want to slightly raise only the corners, then apply a highlighter only over those areas that seem to you too lowered.


To lengthen the forehead, apply a highlighter on the border of the hair and forehead. And in order to visually expand it, mark the temples and lateral zones of the forehead, shading means.

Now you know about the highlighter and you can correctly use it.

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