Why do children die?

Today, humanity has a large amount of knowledge about medicine, new medicines, methods of treatment of diseases, medical equipment and technologies are constantly emerging. However, many people around the world, unfortunately, are dying. And what is more sad, there are many children among these people. Why do children die?

Causes of death among children

Without a doubt, this is the worst thing that can happen, because the death of innocent children who have not had time to live is a catastrophe for the whole world. Very often, children die through the fault of adults, sometimes even the fault of parents who are unable to provide proper care and attention to the child.

Undoubtedly, after a child is born in the family, huge changes occur, parents become responsible for the little man, but not always the parents can perfectly fulfill their duties. A small child requires a lot of attention, first you need to keep track of how he develops, then you need to teach him, to give some knowledge, but not every parent succeeds, many people fall for their children, and in these disruptions parents are very cruel.

For example, one mother was so tired of small children that she left them alone at home and left, as a result of which one child, who was 1.5 years old, died of cold and hunger. Another mother killed her baby in a pot just because he did not ask for it.

The cases reviewed indicate that not all parents who had children were ready to become parents. There are other causes for the death of little crumbs that die before they are born or in the process of being born.

Why die in childbirth? The answer may be the most banal, doctors blame it all. Without a doubt, there are such cases, but still there is also a place for the mother herself to be not serious about pregnancy. Some do not follow the instructions of the doctor who monitors the course of pregnancy. Often the cause of death of the child becomes the abuse of smoking, alcohol, drugs.

For example, there was a situation when tests were written out for a pregnant woman, which had to be done in order to determine if there were viruses in the blood of a pregnant woman. The girl decided not to do them, and the child died during childbirth, because a virus was transmitted from his mother,who simply hit the child. And if the pregnant woman had been treated on time, the child would have remained alive.

Why do newborn babies die?

There are also such cases when the child is just born and dies after a small period of time. Why do newborns die? In these cases, it is worth blaming only the doctors, because at birth, the pediatrician should immediately examine the child and diagnose whether the child is healthy or not. If the child is not healthy, you need to prescribe treatment, and parents should carefully monitor how the treatment goes.

In all these cases, one conclusion can be made: in order for the death of a child not to occur, one must pay great attention to him, and also not forget to love him. It is in love and care that children get sick much less. We hope that our article has helped you answer such a very difficult question about why children die.