Why can't I create the con folder?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 16, 2011
Why can't I create the con folder?

There are several versions of why you cannot create a folder called CON on Windows. Let's see what these hypotheses are. So:

Why can't I create the con folder?

The first theory is related to the life story of the main creator of Windows. Bill Gates was not loved by his peers at school, who constantly rewarded him with various nicknames. One of these was the nickname Con. In the children's environment, this nickname had a negative color. Con is a nerd. Apparently, Bill Gates learned a lot, because, probably, he succeeded. This nickname inflicted psychological trauma to Gates, after which he firmly decided that his child, that is, Windows, would not contain a folder called Con, as it hurt him. Many are very skeptical of this theory and call it insolvent. This is just a bike.

In fact, it is known for certain that Bill Gates was not distinguished by particular academic success. There is evidence that he was even expelled. But Bill had a special passion for computers, where he found himself completely.Fame came to Bill Gates thanks to his mother. That she signed a contract with IBM, under an agreement with which, Bill Gates was supposed to write a program for computers of this giant of the market for new technologies.

There is another theory that explains why the Con folder cannot be created from the point of view of the software specifics of the Windows operating system. The fact is that the system itself is located in the Con folder, so it is impossible to create such a folder, as there may be confusion that will result in damage to the operating system.

Another theory, which also adheres to the technical characteristics of the computer. The DOS file system defaults to the necessary folders, which can only be in one instance. Thus, Con is a console folder, and for example, PNR is a printer folder. All these designations are reserved words, so you cannot create a folder with them. All that is entered from the keyboard gets into the file "copy con text.txt". Accordingly, if you create a folder that will be called Con, it may fail, and the entire folder will be copied to this file. This should not happen, as this will cause a system crash. In order to avoid such conflicts, in fact, came up with reserved words.

Here is a list of names that cannot be created on the Windows operating system, in addition to the Con folder:

  • PRN
  • AUX
  • CLOCK $
  • Nul
  • COM0
  • COM1
  • COM2
  • COM3
  • COM4
  • COM5
  • COM6
  • COM7
  • COM8
  • COM9
  • LPT0
  • LPT1
  • LPT2
  • LPT3
  • LPT4
  • LPT5
  • LPT6
  • LPT7
  • LPT8
  • LPT9

Also known is another interesting fact. The fact is that also in Windows it is impossible to create a folder in the name of which there will be a period and some other punctuation marks. This is done, again, in order to protect the system from intrasystem software conflicts.

Do not believe all sorts of bikes. Always check the information, even if it is not very significant for you.