Which windows 7 is better?

There are several versions of the operating system Windows 7. In order to choose a version for download or purchase, it is necessary to understand their difference. Below you can learn in detail about which version of Windows 7 is better.

Why only Windows 7 is considered? Because it currently works better than all previous versions. You can read about it in our article Which Windows is better. Also in the article What's better - Windows 7 or XP, the differences between the two operating systems are discussed in more detail.

Which Windows 7 is better to install

In order to answer the simple question of which version of Windows 7 is the best, you need to consider in detail all the versions.

Windows 7 Starter

This version of the OS is very limited in parameters. It is suitable only for very old laptops, computers and netbooks. And it is quite inexpensive. Main limitations:

  • The OS supports no more than 2 GB of RAM and is supplied only in 32-bit capacity.
  • No quick switch between users. To do this, you will have to log out.
  • The design of the OS will be greatly simplified. You can not put a desktop picture, there are no transparent panels Aero.
  • No other languages ​​and their support.
  • There is no possibility to create a workgroup for file sharing.
  • There are no many other functions that can load a weak computer.

Windows 7 Home Basic

It is usually twice as expensive as the initial one and has functions that are absent in the initial one.

Windows 7 Home Base supports up to 8GB of RAM, has a graphical appearance in one version and also comes in 64-bit format. The home base still does not have multilingual support, working groups and some other features.

This version of the OS is suitable for those who want to have all the options, but do not overpay too much.

Windows 7 Home Premium (Home Premium)

The same as Home Basic, but has some useful programs, additional colors of the Aero windows and Windows Media Playeer. This version is worth one and a half times more expensive than the Home Base.

An experienced user will immediately realize that such additions are not too necessary. All these programs can either be purchased separately, or downloaded from torrents for free.

Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Corporate

These three versions are not very different from each other. The specifics of their differences only in the package of programs that are designed for different activities.In each of them is present:

  • Windows XP emulator for running old programs, files, and so on.
  • It is possible to connect via remote desktop.
  • Present functional data encryption to protect information.
  • All graphic settings in various variations are available for use.
  • Support any amount of RAM.
  • Allow you to create home and workgroups for sharing data.

The maximum version is more expensive than all the others, because there are absolutely all the features of other versions.

Which Windows 7 is better to buy

Based on these descriptions and data, we can conclude that the best solution would be to buy "Windows 7 Home Basic." It will be cheaper, and all the necessary programs and functions can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of third-party programs or a pirated version.