Which Tele2 tariff is more profitable?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
February 13, 2013
Which Tele2 tariff is more profitable?

The mobile operator Tele 2 positions itself as an operator that offers its services to people who do not want to overpay for mobile communications. What tariff Tele 2 is more profitable, and how to choose the most optimal option for yourself?

How to choose a tariff

Today, Tele 2 offers a wide range of tariff plans that are focused on a variety of subscriber needs. Those who like to call and communicate, as they say, “live”, are offered to choose a tariff with low payment for outgoing calls. And for those who cannot imagine their life without mobile Internet, a special tariff plan with low rates for access to the global web will do. For travelers there are also special tariffs with favorable roaming.

Tariff line from Tele2

What is the most profitable Tele2 tariff? As it was reported to the company earlier, now the offers from the mobile operator will have the same name in all regions, depending on the type of tariff.To determine the choice of a tariff plan, you need to understand which numbers you have to call more often, and in accordance with this, choose the most advantageous offer for yourself.

Cheap tariff Tele2 is considered the tariff “So simple.” He has a single low cost of mobile and local calls. Will suit those who often calls both on city, and on mobile phones in the region. One minute of conversation at this rate is from twenty-five kopecks.

For those who communicate a lot with other Tele2 subscribers, such tariffs as “Our theme”, “Know ours” and “Together cheaper” will be suitable. You will be able to communicate indefinitely, because the price of calls within the network at these rates is from one penny per minute.

Those who often call another operator will like the “All in touch” tariff, and the “Hello Home” offer will appeal to people who regularly communicate with other regions and neighboring countries. As part of this tariff, subscribers get the opportunity to make long-distance and international calls on favorable terms.

In addition, in addition to the preferential tariffs for voice communications, Tele2 subscribers can also get access to the mobile Internet at attractive rates - from 4.5 rubles per megabyte.Users of new tariff plans for the use of WAP technology will pay the cost of Internet traffic.