Which pans are better?

For cooking delicious food, the ability to cook well is not enough. In many ways, the taste of food depends on the dishes. The main problems of poor-quality and old pans are uneven heating and burning. Every housewife probably faced this. In this article we will understand how to choose a pot so that she does not grieve the hostess, but pleases her. Consider the materials from which make pans, and learn how to choose the best.

Aluminum Pans

Pots such make from aluminum. It is quite light, but at the same time soft material. The coating is a thin oxide film that can be easily broken if you scrape a little stronger on the pan with a spoon. This film is destroyed and when exposed to an acidic environment, for example, food cooked with the addition of tomato.

When heated, the thin walls of such pans are easily deformed. Therefore, the dishes need to choose thick-walled. And in aluminum pans it is best to boil only water and milk, as well as cook milk porridge. It can be concluded that if the question arises as to which pot to choose, the answer is obvious. Only not aluminum.They can not enter the list of the best pans, they have many shortcomings. Such dishes in general already yesterday.

Enameled cast iron pots

These pans are made from an alloy of metals and cast iron. The walls of such pots are approximately 4.5 mm. It is resistant to mechanical damage and to the effects of temperature. It ensures uniform heating of food. Imported pans are manufactured using modern technologies, they have a thin coating.

Domestic dishes have a thicker layer of enamel, because it is applied by dipping. The color of the coating of such a pan is either cream, white or blue. No wonder such colors are chosen. The fact is that in the pigments of these colors there are no chemical compounds. And the pans painted in one of them will not harm health. But if the saucepan is imported and made with the latest technology, then all colors will be absolutely safe. The rapid heating of dishes and save electricity or gas, contributes to the blackened outer bottom. Among other things, it significantly reduces the risk of burning food.

If an enamel pan has a chip, then it may already be a danger to human health. Metal, not protected by enamel, can release harmful chemicals in food. In such pans prepare any dishes, except for milk porridges, they burn. If there are no enamel chips, then food can be stored in them. Wash enameled utensils need ordinary detergent. It is better not to use abrasives to preserve the integrity of the coating. These pots, of course, are much better than aluminum in all respects.

Stainless steel pots

Stainless steel pots have a rather attractive appearance. But besides this, they still have useful properties. The surface of stainless steel cookware is easily repelled by dirt, because it is carefully polished inside and polished to a shine. Bacteria on this surface also do not survive. It is a pleasure to care for these pots, they should be washed in warm water with an ordinary detergent. Do not use abrasives in any case, otherwise the shiny pan will be hopelessly damaged.

Such dishes are made of medical steel, which contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. From this it follows that in a stainless steel pot you can cook absolutely all products, because it is neutral.Steel will not affect the taste of food, and she will not suffer. That will allow you to keep more vitamins in food. The internal parts of the best electric meat grinders are made from the same material.

In stainless steel pans there is a very convenient lid made of glass and having a hole for steam. The transparency of the lid will allow you to assess the degree of readiness of food without opening it. The multi-layered bottom of this design helps to achieve uniform heating of food and improves the thermal conductivity of dishes. The food is cooked in a stainless steel pan quickly, gas or electricity can be turned off approximately twenty minutes before the end of cooking. The heat that has accumulated in the pan will help the dish to reach the readiness on its own.

Before you come up with such a wonderful bottom construction, a large number of experiments were carried out. If the bottom was made thin, then the food burned, the bottom was deformed due to the high temperature. Not much help and increase the thickness of the bottom. The situation could only be improved by inserting an aluminum disk between the layers of a stainless steel.

Now stainless steel pans with a multilayer bottom haveexcellent thermal conductivity, uniform heating of the contents, perfect contact between the bottom and the heating surface. In the aggregate of all qualities at the moment, stainless steel pans are leaders. Answering the question which pans are better, you can give only one answer - stainless steel pans. It is better for professionals to use cast dishes with metal handles, which are made from rods, firmly welded to the pan. These pots can be put in the oven. Housewives in the kitchen, often use a cheaper option - this is stamped dishes with plastic handles, fastened with screws.

Heat Resistant Ceramic Pans

Such dishes are most often used for cooking in the oven. It turns out great in her porridge, rice and various stews. Especially high-quality copies of this type of dishes are used for cooking on the stove. Ceramics is one of the most environmentally friendly products. The material from which the pans are made, gives room for the activities of designers. They make pots of different shapes out of it. Now, dear friends, we can conclude which pot to choose.

Where to buy pots

The best purchase would be stainless steel pans.For any hostess will be to their liking: a stylish and original design, excellent technical characteristics, the ability to save electricity and gas and at the same time, prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

In order not to go to a specialty store, you can use online stores. Here you can read reviews and decide which pans are the best. Offered on these services is usually the widest range of pots with photos and specifications. Thanks to such services, the time of the hostess is significantly saved. You can look around in the kitchen and see what kind of good pots she already has and what else she has to buy.