Which car to choose?

Every car owner sooner or later there is a desire to buy a car, or change the old one to a new one. And this is far from easy, since a large number of factors influence the choice, the main one being the thickness of the wallet. And then the question arises: "which car to choose?"

Let's start with your driving experience. If you have just passed on the right, then everything is simple. Based on the fact that you are not yet an experienced driver, a supported domestic car is best for you, since it will cost you much less. As a rule, you should be guided by the amount from 60 to 100 thousand rubles. You should not take more expensive, because the experience is not great and in case of an accident you will not be so sorry for him. Spare parts will not be expensive, and maintenance in general will not make a lot of expenses in your wallet. Better to take without a hydraulic power steering, with front-wheel drive, for example, VAZ 2108-09 (hatchback), or with rear VAZ 2104 (wagon) or VAZ 2107 (sedan). On the old car collapsed of course you will not show off, but you will get an irreplaceable experience.

But if you already have a car, then there is already something to think about. First you have to decide what type of body is better to take, why you need a car, if you need to take a wagon to drive out of town, to a country house, around the city and go shopping - hatchback or sedan, off-road, fishing, hunting - SUV (They are much more expensive because of all-wheel drive).

Now drive. In the case of SUVs everything is clear. But in the passenger somewhere front, somewhere back. There is a difference, but usually not a big one. It is felt, as a rule, on turns, where rear-wheel drive cars are less stable on the road, or on elevations. Mostly on modern cars try to put the front-wheel drive, as it is more convenient and reliable, but this is an amateur.

Transmission is manual, automatic and multitronic. We advise you to take a mechanical one, since it is more familiar to the Russian car enthusiast, costs less, and is also not expensive to maintain. But the automatic will cost you dearer thousands than 50 times, so think about it: “Do you really need it?”. The only advantage is that you do not have to press the clutch, the computer will do it for you automatically and smoothly.

In most cars under the hood is not very powerful engine, usually up to 120 horsepower. This is enough for most motorists in order to drive to work, cottage, shopping. For advanced motorists, this figure can reach about 160-220 hp. for crossovers and off-road wagons (Shkoda Superb, SsangYong ACTYON), and for the owners of huge SUVs, look at all 400 hp (BMW x-5, Hummer, Nissan Patrol). Naturally, this directly affects the speed characteristics of your car, the pleasant roar of the engine sometimes beckons to push the pedal to the floor. But the fuel consumption of this increases many times. It does not matter whether you have a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, the fuel consumption of most cars varies from 7-12 liters per 100 kilometers in city mode and from 5-10 liters. 100km out of town. In SUVs it is usually from 10-20 liters. on 100km. Also, the fuel has a so-called octane number - the ability of fuel to withstand self-ignition during compression) for internal combustion engines. As a rule, each car drives only a certain type of fuel and pouring fuel not intended for this car into the fuel tank can lead to difficulties in the operation of the engine.The higher the octane number of the fuel, the more expensive it is. It is also necessary to take this into account when deciding which car is best to choose.

Also the car should be safe. The basis for this in the car naturally are seat belts, they are in any car. But we all understand that they will save us only when we strike at low speeds. Airbag - this is what greatly increases your chance to stay alive in a serious accident. However, they will also be expensive for car owners who decide to protect themselves. Especially in most budget cars, only the driver has a cushion. For each additional pillow for passengers, you will also have to pay off a tidy sum, depending on the brand. In more expensive foreign cars there is a so-called Intellectual Security System. In addition to the pillows, they include collapsible body parts, a belt tension mechanism, steering column and pedals retractable at the right moment, tires that can move for a while after a puncture, etc. (ford s-max, for example). All this significantly increases the cost of the car, but life is still the same, so do not save on safety.

And what brand of car to choose? After all, the car market is very wide America, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc. Germany is famous for its reliability, Japan electronics and upgrades.

As for popularity, the following car models are most often bought in Russia: Renault: Logan, Megan, Ford: Focus, Mondeo, Hyundai: Solaris, Kia: rio, Chevrolet: Lachetti, Aveo, Opel Astra.

Of the domestic cars are popular VAZ 2109, VAZ 2110, VAZ 2115, Lada Kalina, Priora.

These cars have earned their popularity due to reasonable cost, reliability, adaptability to Russian roads and their technical characteristics.

And of course the color. A car, no matter how it should please the eye. What color car to choose? If you are lost in thought, push off from the classics. From fashion or when not blown solid black, elegant white and calm blue colors. If you want your car to be bright, then take a red, yellow or green color. If you do not want to see dirt on it, choose silver metallic or black.

In any case, before buying a car, answer a number of questions: “Who will drive a car: a businessman or a housewife?”, “What roads will your car drive on: on the highway or off-road?”.Whether it will be the carriage of goods or high-speed driving, a brand new car or a supported but time-tested car, how much you expect, etc. Reduce the list of possible cars that you like to a minimum, and then the choice will become much more obvious and quick.