Where to ski in Moscow?

Active rest is a great opportunity not only to get unforgettable impressions, but also to get a good charge of vigor and strength for the next working period. What to do if you want to ski, but do not want to go to winter resorts in Austria or Germany. There is a way, if you are a happy resident of Moscow. Let's find out where you can ski within the capital of our homeland.

"Skiing places" in Moscow

Here are a few places where you can ski in Moscow.

  • If you want to find the best place for skiing within Moscow, then you need to take your gear and go to the Nagornaya metro station. Here is located a unique winter complex called "Kant". In general, this ski club is a school of skiing. That is what he is good at. You can learn about the methods of downhill racing or learn the proper technique of skiing. At your service are not only slopes with decent differences of heights, but also comfortable running tracks.It is here that future skier champions are trained.
  • Sports Park "Volen" is ready to open its doors to real professionals and just lovers of skiing. At your service a large number of tracks with tangible elevation changes. Each track is equipped with high-quality bright lighting. Lifts take you to any slope you like. The issue price of ski equipment rental ranges from 500 to 1500 rubles. If you want to have a good rest with the whole family, then �Volen� is what you need. In addition to the fact that Volen Park is a paradise for mountain skiers, this place also boasts comfortable and wide slopes for classic skiing.
  • Sorochany is a dream complex where skiing in Moscow is a must. It is located 49 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road in an ecologically clean area. It should be noted that this project has not yet been fully implemented. In the future, it is planned to create a complex that would satisfy the needs of as many people as possible. "Sorochany" is not only active rest and extreme sensations. The center is ready to provide its visitors with various health and entertainment services.Head away from the bustle of the city on the Dmitrovsky highway, and you will fall into a real fairy tale to reality.
  • Not sure where to ski in Moscow? Then at your service one of the most popular places is the Krylatskoye district. Not far from the metro station Molodezhnaya, there are snow-covered slopes, ready to shelter those who are eager for new sensations or are simply looking for opportunities to take a ski ride with the breeze. The height of the slopes in Krylatskoe is 40-50 meters, length 150-200 meters. The best Austrian specialists worked on creating favorable conditions for alpine skiing. The ski resort in Krylatskoy is also famous for the fact that it constantly hosts various competitions and show performances.
  • Krasnogorsk is a paradise for beginners and professional snowboarders and skiers. It is here that there are three slopes that are perfectly suited for training, honing skills and techniques of skiing on snowboards and skiing. All three slopes have a varied terrain. It must be said that this place is still not completely habitable, and that is why very often you can encounter problems of various kinds: either the lift stops, then on the slope an unpleasant bump or hillock unexpectedly meets.However, the incomparable advantage of this area is that here you will not meet a large number of people.
  • The Novo-Peredelkino district became very attractive for lovers of skiing only after the opening of the winter complex on its territory with the first professional track. It is this fact that attracts more and more adventurers here. In addition, the following year is scheduled modernization of the route, which will bring it to the level of world standards. This is where you can ski in Moscow.

As you can see, dear reader, Moscow is a really big city where you can find almost everything. Alpine skiing - this is an area that requires the organization of entire sports complexes. Fortunately, the capital of our country is ready to provide those to its residents and guests.