Where to find a horse?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
Where to find a horse?

The horse in the game Minecraft is a special mob, which is used mainly as a means of transportation. This animal appears very rarely, so many people think about where to find a horse.

We are looking for a horse

In general, horses spawn in a flat or savannah biome. If you want to find a horse, you must fly over the plains and search. They spawn mostly 2-6 mobs at a time.

Summon horses with special calling eggs or the / summon EntityHorse team.

Breeding horses

For breeding horses, golden apples or carrots are used as complementary foods. If you want to use growing offspring for your own purposes, you will need to tame it again, and only after it grows up, put on a saddle and ride. In order for the foal to become a horse, you should not immediately give a haystack, it is better to feed one stalk of wheat. The transformation of a newborn horse into a mature horse is about 25 minutes.

Horse features

If we talk about the possibilities of horses, they can:

  • move the rider;
  • rear up;
  • show your discontent;
  • eat grass;
  • move the tail and head;
  • to swim.


  1. You can make a mule from a horse and a donkey, but they are not amenable to reproduction.
  2. Horse health may exceed player health.
  3. Foals can get stuck in the wall and suffocate.
  4. If a player is on a horse, he cannot harm him.
  5. If a horse is killed, skin will fall from it, which can be used later.
  6. If, while on a horse, you fall into the water to a great depth, the mob will throw you off.
  7. To move a horse, you need a saddle and armor.