Where to download viruses?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
December 14, 2012
Where to download viruses?

Browsing the Internet today has become commonplace for many. Almost all modern devices have access to the network. It is very convenient. But for the convenience you have to pay. All Internet users know about malware. Some even imagine how it works, and can write simple viruses.

Who needs malware? Burglars are people who harm the system, steal information: files, passwords, etc. Theoretically, any data can be accessed, because there is no perfect protection. Often malicious software is used for unauthorized computer access. Burglars know exactly where to download the virus.

Programs that are usually considered malicious are needed not only to fans of hacking systems. Heads of organizations can use spyware to gather information about employees. To do this, usually use Trojans, spyware, keyloggers.

Computer security developers also deal with malware.They must be clear about the principle of viruses. They may need samples of malware to check their security systems. So the creators of antivirus is also very important to know where to download the virus. Information crime services can also use spyware and Trojans to calculate intruders and prevent crime.

Site List

If you are interested in computer security, if your work is related to hacking information systems, then you should visit such resources as:

  • Inattack.ru
  • Hackersoft.ru
  • Mnoga.net
  • Securitylab.ru
  • Xaker.ru

Sites contain a wealth of information about the weak points of various operating systems. Also here you can download all materials and programs necessary for working with virus databases and antivirus software.