Where to buy good English tea?

Britain has long been known for its tea ceremonies - in the first half of the XIX century, the traditions of English tea drinking began to take shape. “Time for tea” is invariably accompanied by a choice of high-quality gourmet drink and additions to it, table etiquette, as well as pleasant conversations and cozy atmosphere. It is not surprising that during this time the British have accumulated rich experience in the tea field, so the whole world admires the rich taste, aroma and quality of popular beverages produced in this country.

If you also love and appreciate good tea, you should try the British one. One of the most famous brands in this area is Newby. Tea compositions from Newby are distinguished by a bright taste and a pleasant aftertaste, rich aroma, absolutely natural composition and originality of blends. The British company is very scrupulous about the quality of raw materials for their tea: before getting into the tea blend, each of them passes control in 8 stages.You can learn more about Newby teas and order your favorites by visiting the official tea boutique.

What tea can be found here?

  • Popular English black tea, loved by many. Among the varieties are the famous “Earl Gray”, “English Breakfast”, “Darjeeling”, etc. It is easy to find a composition that is suitable in composition and price.
  • Green tea. Classic green, as well as blends with a taste of malt, walnut, jasmine, chocolate, etc. Great choice for every taste.
  • White tea. The drink has a delicate light yellow color and a pleasant delicate taste with a fruity aroma. White tea is very useful: it invigorates, normalizes the work of blood vessels and the heart, treats for stress and colds, strengthens the immune system, quenches thirst and refreshes.
  • Oolong tea (other names: oolong, oolong, red, turquoise semi-fermented teas). These tea compositions are distinguished by original and specific compositions and unsurpassed aroma. They also have useful properties, so some people even equate them to medicinal drinks.
  • Puer "Crowned" tea, won the love of many tea fans. Premium tea blend with great taste and aftertaste, rich color and aroma and perfect forms of tea leaves.Newby employees check thousands of varieties to select the best ones for tea blends. Tea raw materials for Pu-erh are kept for more than 7 years!
  • Dissolving tea. In dry form, such compositions are presented in the form of small buds or balls, but after putting them in a cup and pouring boiling water, the tea leaves will come to life and gradually turn into a beautiful flower.
  • Tizan. Herbal drinks, herbal teas. A rich flavor palette and health benefits. Newby offers different compositions: chamomile, strawberry and mango, peppermint, orange, wild rose and hibiscus, ginger and lemon, elder and lemon, juicy berries, tropical mixtures, etc. Everyone will find something to their taste.

Quality tea is not just a quick drink, which is convenient to drink in five minutes, jamming a bun. If you want to plunge into the palette of tea flavors, immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere, have a relaxing evening or invite your friends for an unusual tea party and enjoy pleasant communication in a cozy atmosphere, choose a quality tea blend. Such tea can invigorate, heal, soothe, sip, give joy and incomparable pleasant taste - the choice is up to you!