Where to buy a car?

The car is not only a means of transportation, it is also an indicator of the status and wealth of the owner. At the same time the choice is so diverse and great that there is an opportunity to get an excellent means of transportation in accordance with the requirements of your lifestyle.

To figure out where to buy a car, decide how you want to see your car, what is important to you, and what you are ready to refuse. On how to buy a car and the benefits of a particular option, read our article How to buy a car. And after reading this article, you will learn what you need to pay attention to when buying a new or used car.

Where can I buy a new car: auto show

Buying a brand new car from a car dealership may be a dream of a considerable number of people. What could be more pleasant than driving a car out of the gate of the cabin, driving on it the first kilometer of the way. If you decide to choose this option, pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Is the salon official representative of your preferred brand. If the answer to this question is negative - you are dealing with an ordinary reseller, so the price may exceed several times the average prices in the market for new cars.Although you are not insured against overpayment and the official distributor. Only one way out: price monitoring. Collect information about the cost of the car of the equipment you are interested in from the manufacturer and in different salons. Usually, after such research, it is easier to decide on the place of purchase.
  2. Take an interest in the reputation of the chosen salon, the term of its work at the specified address, as it is connected with service organizations, look for reviews on the Internet. Thus you protect yourself from one-day firms and fraudulent organizations. This is especially important if you buy a car "on order", that is, you pay and wait for the receipt of your purchase.
  3. Warranty - undoubted plus car dealership. Read the terms of the warranty and warranty service station - you will have to cooperate with it for the next year or three after purchase.
  4. Decide on the necessary equipment. The task of managers often comes down to trying to sell you as many options as possible to the basic configuration of the car. Therefore, it makes sense to decide on the desired additions before going to the salon, or at least do not make a final decision on the same day.Go back home and think about available options. Buying a car is better with a cold mind, and not in a fit of emotions.

Buying at the car market

The car market usually sells used cars, and their condition can be completely different. In the role of the seller is usually the reseller, although you can meet in the market and car owners. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it would be ideal to inspect the cars with a specialist, but if this is not possible, use the following tips:

  1. Take an interest in the "life story" of the car. If possible, call the owner of the car. In any case, you may not hear the whole truth, but make conclusions whether you can trust the seller.
  2. Remember that the price of a car restored after an accident is much lower than that of an unbeaten car, therefore unscrupulous sellers try to hide the fact of body repair. For you, as the future owner, it is important to understand that the car restored after the accident is seriously inferior in its aerodynamic properties and safety characteristics to “whole” specimens.
  3. Inspect the car clean.So it is better to see all kinds of drips and unevenness of paint, which is a sure sign of restoration work. Carefully inspect the bottom of the doors, hood, bumpers - in these places, corrosion appears in the first place.
  4. Open the bonnet and inspect the engine. If it is washed to shine, it does not necessarily indicate the seller’s cleanliness, perhaps it’s an attempt to hide the drips of oil and other liquids. When you see the engine in its natural form, it is possible to immediately estimate the approximate cost of repairs.
  5. Ask to start the car. Listen to the work of the motor. The engine should be buzzing smoothly, there should be no changes in tonality or unnatural knocking.
  6. Sit in the salon. Assess its condition: are you satisfied with the presence of certain scratches? Be sure to pull the belts to the full length, they should not contain traces of cuts, to be rubbed is a safety issue, take it seriously.
  7. Selecting the appropriate option, be sure to check the "legal purity" of the car, write down all the registration data: car number, chassis, etc., then contact the traffic police to clarify ownership rights.
  8. Make out the car before the transfer of the full amount to the intermediary or seller, this is less likely to contact scammers.

Buy a car with hands: advertisements

If you decide to buy a used car through advertisements, then you need to follow the same rules as when buying in the car market. Ads for the sale of cars placed on the sites ads on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. An important point: make an appointment to inspect the car in a public place, because you do not see the person on the phone and can only guess about his intentions, do not take large sums with you.

Where can I buy a car: from friends

Buying a car from a friend, you are in a better position, especially if the operation of the car took place before your eyes. In this case, you know for sure about possible malfunctions, and the owner of the car will tell you about it more truthfully, wanting to maintain good relations.

Observe and in this option precautions: do not rush to transfer money and be attentive to the paperwork.