Where do elephants live?

Remember when you came to the zoo in childhood, where did you go first? That's right - to the elephants. But why are we so attracted to these big, intelligent and good animals? Where do they live, what do they eat and what benefits do they bring to people? This is what this article will be about.

To begin with, let's see what elephants are, what they are. Today there are 2 types: African and Asian. Their habitats also follow from their names: they are found almost throughout the entire territory of Africa, they also inhabit India, Thailand, Laos, and China. They live in a wooded area or savannah. Other species became extinct, as did the mammoths many thousands of years ago.

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. These are herd animals, but they form herds in a special way. Males, as a rule, form one herd, and females with calves - another. The male can temporarily join the herd of females and young if it has a female ready for mating. For this, the males in the fights find out who among them is the strongest. For this reason, elephants grow all their lives.

Depending on the habitat and time of year, they feed on different foods: plant foliage, bark of different trees, fruits, berries, grass. Domestic - on farms, zoos, etc. eat mainly grass, hay, bread, carrots, but apples, bananas and sweets are their favorite sweets, overeating of which can cause changes in behavior, weight and poor health.

In adults, 2 tusks in the jaw can be observed. Some tusks have none at all. Because of these tusks, elephants often hunt for themselves, and now their numbers are not high, so they are listed in the Red Book.

Asian (Indian) elephant, smaller than its African brother, and much more peaceful, therefore Indian are better trained. They are used not only in circuses and at various performances, but also during logging, where they drag trees that have been felled, pull trunks out of the water on alloys of logs along rivers, lay boards. They are also used as transport, and in earlier periods elephants were used in war.

For the first time these powerful animals began to be used as fighting animals in India. Archers could be placed on them, they could transport combat vehicles, create a barrier wall of protection.Only males could be used as a combat unit, since females feel the male’s complete dominance and avoid contact with them. Also, an elephant during a fight can be frightened by the sounds of the forge, screams and lose control. Therefore, they have been trained since childhood for many years, ridding them of the feeling of fear in battle.

Not many people know why Russians do not need to apply for a visa when traveling to Thailand. And this is due to the fact that about the time of the war with Burma, the king of Thailand (then still Siam) asked for help from Russia, and presented a squad of war elephants as a gift. Since then, the beginning of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Russia. As a result of friendly relations, the visa regime was canceled, and the elephant became a sacred animal in Thailand.

So, we have learned where elephants live. These stately animals, despite their power, are still kind and lovely. Aggression is shown only when defending themselves and their babies from attack. Therefore, going, for example, to the countries of Asia feel free to feed, iron these beautiful animals. After talking with them you will experience indescribable pleasure. And in any case, do not refuse, if you are offered a ride on horseback, these minutes you will remember for many years.