Where do people go?

According to statistics, in Russia about 200,000 people disappear annually, many of whom are considered to be missing for years. In the article we will try to figure out where and how people disappear and how they can be found.

How people disappear

There are quite a few options here, we’ll focus on the main ones.

Care of children from home

Today, a large number of children leave their homes and go in an unknown direction, and it is quite difficult to find them. It is worth noting that children are leaving both from dysfunctional and well-off families. The reasons for this act are many:

  • misunderstanding in the family;
  • quarreling;
  • Physical punishment;
  • cheating;
  • lack of control by seniors;
  • desire to know something new and unknown;
  • boredom.

Very often, children who have a lot of free time, leave the house for a few days to unwind and get new emotions, but they do not think about the consequences of their actions.

Slave trade

In the modern world, the option of kidnapping for the purpose of resale into slavery is not excluded. Mostly in such a situation get girls who agree to go abroad to work as waitresses, dancers, housekeepers or some tempting job.But "dishonest" employers deprive them of their means of communication and turn them into slaves who carry out everything they are told.

Organ removal

Every year, treatment is becoming more and more expensive, and donor healthy organs are always in value. Some sick people have been waiting for their turn for transplantation for months or even years. It is worth noting that some do not live to see their operation, so the “black market” of healthy organs thrives and brings good profits to scammers.

In connection with this situation, healthy people very often disappear in order to remove some (or all) organs. The question arises: How do fraudsters find out everything about a person? The answer is very simple. They receive this information from the doctors to whom people come for a consultation. If doctors send you to take tests or any additional consultation in an unfamiliar or little-known medical institution, you must first learn everything about this institution, and then go to the reception.


Banal memory loss (amnesia) can cause a person to disappear. In this situation, a person can not remember where he is or any personal data.

Anyone can lose memory. It is not necessary to perform a secret task, you can just go fishing, lose consciousness there, and wake up already in the hospital or, even worse, in some unknown place.

And attackers can specifically provoke a person’s memory loss: hit the head with something heavy or give a person something to drink. It is worth noting that in this case it is very difficult to find a person.


People can disappear for criminal reasons. For example, if a person contacted criminal persons, then it is quite possible that they may be involved in his disappearance. There can be quite a few reasons: debt, non-fulfillment of any tasks, etc.

Special services

If a person is involved in any case or is suspected of an atrocity, then he could disappear due to certain actions of the special services. But in this case, relatives should be notified that the person is with them before all the circumstances are clarified.

Care in the sect

In modern society, people are under the pressure of a huge number of problems that every day more and more overcome them.Some people seek help from sects that skillfully impose their ideas. Under their influence, people can perform various actions, including leaving home. But there are cases when people leave and take everything with them: they sell property and cut off all ties with real life. What happens to them there, nobody knows.

If you want to know more about where a person might disappear, read the article How to go missing.


There is an opinion that humans are “stolen” by aliens. To accept this version or not is for everyone to decide, but it is not possible to verify this judgment.


The simplest thing is that something bad can happen to a person when he is alone and no one will find him. For example, you can go to the forest and not return. Therefore, whenever you go somewhere alone, inform others about it.

Where to call if a person is missing

Friends and acquaintances

If you have a loved one missing, and his phone is unavailable, this is a reason for excitement. In this case, you need to think with whom he has recently communicated and who can help him find it. For this you need to make a circle of his friends and acquaintances.If you do not have such an opportunity, look for someone from your mutual friends who can help you with this. When the list will be compiled, you can make calls.


BRNS - accident registration bureau. It is here that information comes from hospitals, morgues, duty units about people who were found and cannot inform their relatives about themselves for any reason. If you live in Moscow, you must dial the following numbers (495) 688-22-52, (495) 684-44-03, and for the residents of St. Petersburg the number is + 7 (812) 579 00 55.


Also, do not exclude the option of injuring a missing person. In this case, you need to dial "03" and describe the person you are looking for. You will be provided with all the information about the people who came to them who will fit your description.


If independent searches have not brought results, you should contact the internal affairs bodies. It is necessary to call the number "02" ("112" - from a mobile), explain the situation and find out the nearest branch where you can write a statement.

The application must be attached (if available):

  • photograph;
  • phone number;
  • passport details of the applicant and the missing person.

In the event that you are refused admission of the application, you can safely contact the prosecutor's office, whose phone number must be provided to you at the police station.

Mass media

You can also advertise the disappearance of a person in a local newspaper or on TV and radio. Maybe someone from the audience will recognize it and help with the search.