Where desires lead

The theory of reality tranferfing, popular in our days, says that almost the whole reality of a person is shaped by his desires. If a person pities himself, grumbles at fate, considers himself a failure and wants too little, then he gets a failure at work and in his personal life.
If a person wants to change his life for the better, fill it with bright positive people, interesting events, wants to get beautiful housing, a car and paid work, then all this can quickly find a positive owner.
According to Henry Ford: "If you think you can, and if you think you can not, you are right in that and in another case." But one positive thinking for the realization of desires is not enough. Without action, your desires will remain just empty dreams. Therefore, act, even if you are not sure until the end. It is human nature to doubt critical situations, and all non-routine actions are, to some extent, critical. Action turns desire into intent — the engine of human evolution.
Desires can also be divided into two categories: realized and unfulfilled. The quality of realized desires depends on who the person is at the moment. If a person is concerned about material problems, then he was engaged in the realization of material desires - obtaining a highly paid position, saving money or acquiring things. In this case, the spiritual beginning of the person, his health suffers. Desires often interfere with the harmonious development of personality.
At the same time, desires that are not aimed inward (self-centered, self-centered), but outward - to help those in need, creating strong friendships and family ties, can make a person's life full and harmonious. Some people need to join a religious teaching to gain peace of mind, books and wise mentors help someone.
Unfortunately, many young people have a desire to find a “passive source of income” that compensates for a luxurious life, and stop searching for the meaning of life, not to mention the support of other people. But such an approach usually turns against them. As the tycoon of America at the beginning of the 20th century, Andrew Carnegie, said: "He who wants only money will be left with nothing."Desires shape our life like a guiding star - that is why their choice should be treated with caution and responsibility.