When to change the oil in the box?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 14, 2012
When to change the oil in the box?

Some of the amateur motorists believe that it is not necessary to replace the oil in the gearbox. In practice, everything looks exactly the opposite. Often change a little in PPC is not worth it, but it will not be worse. So why and when to change the oil in the gearbox?

In the gearbox itself there are no such high temperatures as in an engine, but over time, technical dirt accumulates there (small chips from gears). As a result, the oil gradually begins to lose the required lubricating effect, so the delay in the oil change timing directly affects the operating time of the transmission.

Oils, poured into the box, are:

  • synthetic,
  • semi-synthetic,
  • mineral.

They differ in viscosity (SAE) and are made for cars of different classes.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is poured into the boxes of those cars whose engines run at low speeds (up to 3 thousand / min). These are domestic rear wheel drive cars and some trucks.The replacement of this oil must be made in 35-40 thousand km.


Semisynthetic oil is used in cars whose engine runs at 3-4 thousand rpm. These are, as a rule, inexpensive foreign cars and front-wheel cars of domestic production. This oil contains various additives that make gears more resistant to corrosion and wear. The advantage of semi-synthetic oil - the optimal ratio of quality and price. It is recommended to replace the "semi-synthetics" in 45-50 thousand km.


Synthetic oil is mainly used in automatic gearboxes and manual gearboxes, which are equipped with expensive foreign cars. It contains many additives that protect gears from overload and corrosion. It is recommended to make a change of such oil in 65-70 thousand kilometers. Change the oil in the box machine is necessary more often - after 50 thousand. Km. This is explained by the fact that in the automatic transmission mechanism is more complex and the oil in it is consumed two to three times more than manual transmission.

Currently, synthetic oil is the most advanced gear oil. It contains the most complete additive package,protects the box from premature wear, and has maximum cleaning. The price of "synthetics", of course, is high, but it justifies itself.

Here is a brief and all on the topic: whether to change the oil in the box? The best option is to use oil that the manufacturer recommends for their cars. For example, in the domestic classics should not use expensive synthetic oil. These machines are simply not designed for it, since these models were developed almost a quarter of a century ago. At that time, such oils still did not exist. It is also not worth pouring cheap mineral oil into an expensive foreign car to avoid its breakage.

The last point: if you managed to forget when you changed the oil, do not torment yourself with this problem. Replace it as soon as possible. From this all will only benefit - and you and your car.