When to arrange a wedding in 2015

Here came the long-awaited moment in the life of two young people - they decided to get married. And immediately the next very important question arises - when is the best time to arrange a wedding. The traditions of holding a wedding ceremony in different cultures directly depended on the time of harvest, and in order to grow and harvest a good crop, we had to work up a sweat. And when the hot season ended, as a rule, this was at the beginning or end of autumn, then it was time for numerous weddings. Since ancient times, popular belief claimed the following: January, April, March, May and June - were considered as unfavorable months for the celebration of weddings. Particular attention deserved month of May. It was believed that if you celebrate the wedding in May, then the whole life of the young will “toil”. And marriages concluded in February, July, August, September, October, November and in December will be strong and happy.More about Russian wedding traditions you can find here.

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The best date for a wedding in 2015

What does the date of the wedding mean? After all, it was not for nothing that, in the old days, the date of the wedding was compared with the date of birth of the person. And in fact we well know, that much depends on it - character of the person, its abilities, health, well-being and other. And what is the difference between a young family? Therefore, in order for a family union to be happy and lasting, it is necessary to take the date very seriously. To get an answer to the question - when is it better to arrange a wedding in 2015, it is possible from different sources and according to different criteria, for example:

  • Lunar calendar (phase of the moon). According to popular signs, the best time for marriage is when the moon is in the ascending phase. Then the family will have luck and prosperity
  • According to the church calendar, there are certain periods and dates that limit the conduct of wedding ceremonies, and sometimes they are strictly prohibited. Therefore, if the newlyweds decided not just to sign up at the registry office, but also to perform the wedding ceremony, then they definitely need to agree on the date of the wedding and the wedding with the priest.After all, a wedding is not just a beautiful tradition, but the receipt of God's blessing for a happy family life. You can learn more about the wedding here (anchor to the article Wedding ceremony)

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  • Horoscopes or various kinds of divination can be excellent assistants for self-determination of the date of marriage. To do this, you can use the services of an astrologer, numerologist or fortune-teller, but be careful because there are a lot of charlatans who will take a reward from you, and will not provide any guarantees.