When do you retire?

About work experience, competently filling out a work book is most often remembered when they retire. Of course, then you can also work. But no one will refuse to receive extra money in the form of social benefits.

The retirement age in Russia is determined by law: 60 years for men and 55 for women. Our lawmakers have tried many times to raise it for 5 years, but so far no attempt has led to a positive result. Everyone needs to know what time they retire, because you need to take care of the timely payment of this money in advance. Pension fund workers invite future retirees to come 1-2 years before the retirement age to preliminarily verify documents. If, for example, there are problems with your employment record, then part of the work experience may not be included in the billing period for calculating a pension. It is necessary to make inquiries to enterprises and confirm your years of work with a certificate. And an enterprise can disappear from the face of the earth, then it is necessary to make requests to the archive.Therefore, it takes 1-2 years to exclude the loss of your payments.

And it is also very important to know how to retire early. It is time to write an application for the start of payments. Otherwise, you will not get everything that you owed for 5 years. It is so possible to retire earlier.

There are three reasons for such a development of events: you had a specialty in the special list, you have many children or a disabled child, you yourself are disabled. All details can be read in the law of December 17, 2001 No. 173-FZ “On labor pensions in the Russian Federation”. Let's take a closer look at these three kinds of reasons.

Early retirement

  1. Men retire at 50, and women at 45, if they have worked for at least a certain period on jobs with harmful conditions, on jobs with difficult conditions, as tractor drivers in agriculture, as drivers of construction, road machines, and as specialists of many other professions specified in the law “On labor pensions”.
  2. Also, a mother who gave birth and raised 5 or more children, a mother or father of a disabled child, or guardians of children with disabilities from childhood can apply for an early pension.
  3. Specialists whose work was associated with a risk to life — rescuers, firefighters, and colony attendants — may retire 5 years earlier.
  4. Interesting, but true, along with the rescuers in this list are employees of all professions related to raising children. Doctors and other health workers also earned the right to early retirement, especially rural ones.
  5. Theater actors and theatrical organizations also retire 5 years earlier.
  6. A special point in the law deals with people who worked in the regions of the Far North.
  7. And another category of persons retiring at the age of 50 and 45 is the visually impaired and liliput people.

You should be aware that in each such category the length of service and experience of paying insurance savings are specified. If all the parameters converge, then welcome to the well-deserved rest!