What to see in Finland?

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What to see in Finland?

Finland is a country of winter travel. In the summer of all pulls to the south, to the heat and the sea. And in the cold, people begin to remember that winter can be fun, friendly and comfortable. Moreover, this understanding comes only in countries that can not boast of long and hot vacation months. However, having gotten used to looking for summer fun, you begin to wonder: what to see in Finland, having arrived at it in no way gentle weather. It turns out a lot!

Battle stronghold

If you do not know what to see in Finland, visit Sveaborg for a start. The fortress is located near Helsinki, and it is there that tourists most often arrive. The impressive architecture is successfully complemented by museums, military equipment that has survived from different times and a very interesting history. However, even aimless walks around Sveaborg are fun.

Fairy tale for children and adults: the Valley of the Mummy-trolls

This is something that must be viewed in Finland by all who read Tove Jansson.In addition to the naturalistic design that includes the real Moomin House, fairy tale characters are constantly operating in the valley, playing out completely unexpected variations in the development of the plot read. Representations and communication with the heroes of the book are so alive that even skeptical adults willingly take part in them.

Inner church

This is another uniqueness that should not be missed when thinking about what to see in Finland. The Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki was not even built according to the rules: the room itself was created by an explosion, which was later covered with a dome. From inside, the optical illusion tells the congregation that the room is very high; and even Rostropovich recognized the best acoustics in the world.

What else to see in Finland

Although the country is small, there are enough miracles in it. And if you have some amount of time, visit the following places:

  1. Imatrankoski is an impressive artificial waterfall.
  2. Linnanmäki Park, the oldest in the entertainment industry in Finnish territory.
  3. Sea Life Marine Center, where you can be on the ocean floor in the middle of Helsinki.
  4. Oulujärvi - the dream of fishermen.
  5. The village of Santa Claus - the dream of children of all ages and nationalities.

And if you ask the Finns what to see in Finland, they will expand the list to not covered during the holiday limits.