What to expect from women in balsakovskom age?

The age of Balzac is a fairly common and popular concept recently, which, in the minds of the majority, characterizes women whose age has already exceeded 40 years. Is this what it really means?

It turns out that this term has its own history of origin: in the distant 1831, the work of Honore de Balzac entitled The Thirty Years Woman, which described the history of the beautiful Viscountess de Bossain, she was completely free in manifesting her own feelings, she was independent and with bold judgments.

Interestingly, immediately after the novel, there was a kind of splash, the women liked the main character so much that some of them tried their best to be like her. They, with a kind of irony, and began to be called women of "Balzac's age."

The main positive attitude

The time passed, the concept lost its original semantic meaning, and it began to denote only a certain age of women - from 35 to 50 years.Interestingly, in the times of Balzac, the concept of "Balzac age" was applied to women aged 25 to 35 years, even in Pushkin's Eugene Onegin there is a description of Tatiana's mother. He calls her a nice and simple old woman, although the woman was only about 40 years old!

There is nothing surprising, because some 200 years ago they got married at the age of 14-19 years, literally in 10 years gave birth to all possible offspring, and by the age of 35 they began to smoothly pass into legal old age.

In the modern world, women have learned to fight premature aging, and, both morally and physically, you are unlikely to be able to call a thirty-year-old beauty “a woman of Balzac age”.

And there are all weighty reasons for this: a 40-year-old woman can easily look at all 30 or even 25, and this is not all sorts of plastic surgeries and suspenders, the main thing is that women have found a way to reveal their own sexuality. from dependent male shadows to strong and self-confident personalities.

Women have learned to prolong their own beauty and youth, now at the age of 35-40 years, they easily get married again, have children, start a business from scratch and easily struggle with the competition of young 20-year-old girls.As an example, a huge number of stars of the national and world pop, cinema, which in Balzac age create harmonious marriages, begin new stages of life, start relationships with young men and feel just fine.

Why are women so afraid of balzakovskogo age?

Most women, crossing the threshold of 35 years, are increasingly thinking about their own appearance: they are overshadowed by a figure that has lost its taut forms, wrinkles have appeared, which modify the face, one gets the feeling that someone has tightened the brightness, and every day more and more losing more paint.

Over time, self-esteem begins to fall, the woman no longer considers herself as attractive as in her youth, her confidence and ability to flirt disappear, “why would it be me if I’m already getting old?” It is difficult to be measured with such sensations, that is why the mood begins to fall, the negative forms the attitude towards oneself and towards others, it is easy to guess that such a state will not lead to anything good.

Stay healthy and beautiful

Why does the Balzac age instill fear and frustration in modern women? Because not all of them have realized that at any age, life has its own attractive aspects, and even more so.

It is exactly in 35-40 years that the full potential of the female potential is revealed, a woman is able to relax, get rid of complexes and fears, because she has already gone through a lot and knows, it is quite possible that she has experienced unsuccessful romantic relationships, maybe even a divorce.

All this makes it possible to gain vital wisdom, which you cannot read in any book and learn at lectures at the university, a woman is able to love herself and the world around her, competently serve herself in society, when communicating with men, in sex.

Smile - the key to beauty

For this purpose, the work of the whole beauty-sphere has been established, which helps to preserve feminine beauty and health, to emphasize all the advantages, no matter what age the woman is. It remains to understand how to learn to feel at 25 to 45? It turns out that this is nothing complicated!

Golden rules of women

  • Love yourself. Work on your thinking, remember that a real woman is able to remain beautiful at any age, the only difference is that in her youth the charm of a girl was emphasized by her youth, then in her mature years charm is expressed in the wisdom of behavior: the ability to give herself, be tactful in any situations thatability to control oneself and not lose self-esteem. The beauty of a person is expressed, in many ways, in love. The one who sincerely loves nature, people, the world around is beautiful, and this is the source of the fascinating power of fascination.
  • Watch out for yourself. A woman's appearance is greatly influenced by what she eats, how she leads her lifestyle. Love the right nutrition: eat fish, it is rich in nutrients, spoil yourself with berries, fruits, vegetables - they will allow you to stay fresh and beautiful as long as possible. Eliminate smoking and alcohol, because these are the two main enemies for female beauty, it is with their help that most of the premature wrinkles appear and an unpleasant complexion is formed.
  • Learn to look good. How should women of Balzac age dress? The answer is simple - stylish and tasteful. For some reason, many women, especially when they become grandmothers, cease to give their appearance due attention, and instead of a new blouse they buy another machine for their beloved grandson. No, loving your grandchildren is, of course, correct, but do not stop loving yourself! On the contrary, give due attention to your wardrobe, perhapsYou will have to find corrective underwear that can give your body the correct and sexy outlines. You should not “rejuvenate”, climbing into 10-centimeter studs and short skirts, believe me, whatever your figure is, at the age of 40-45 years old it already looks silly. There are a huge variety of models of women's things that perfectly highlight the feminine beauty, without going to the extremes of youth wardrobe.
  • Watch your makeup and hairdo. If you notice that your hair has lost its former pomp and shine, perhaps the best solution would be to go for a short haircut. Do not be alarmed, there is nothing like that in it, rather the opposite. Thereby you will emphasize a new, no less beautiful stage of your life.
  • Some women have psychological problems because of their age, they don’t understand why they should do something with themselves, if it still goes to old age? Why cheat, this period is really not the most beautiful, but not the worst! And only in your hands to make it better than it is, not to waste precious time, but to do what you didn’t manage to do in your youth. Everything is still possible: solve problems with men,open your own business or move to live in another country, or maybe you've always dreamed of learning how to play the guitar? It's time to try it all, why wait?
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