What to do windows blocked?

It happens that during the use of a computer can greatly surprise its owner. Recently, our computers have been attacked by viruses. If you do not need an antivirus, then it is better to install it without delay, especially if you are actively using the Internet. Today, we will understand the following situation. An inscription appears on the screen that Windows is locked and for unlocking you need to send an SMS to the specified phone number. Usually in such situations it is necessary to reinstall the operating system, but today, it is possible to do without this “painful” procedure. So: what to do - Windows is locked.

Windows blocked: action

There are free sites that deactivate programs that block your computer. This service has been developed by Kaspersky Lab and has already established itself as a very effective and efficient resource. With the help of the service, several thousand people have already saved their computers.

So. Your computer is locked. Do not touch anything, leave everything as it is. Feel free to go in the direction of another computer that has Internet access.

What should be done?

  • Write down on a piece of paper the phone number to which you want to send an SMS with text to unlock the computer.
  • We are heading to a nearby computer with Internet access in order to use the service from Kaspersky Lab.
  • We go to the site of the service at this link: to remove the banner "Windows blocked" from our monitor.
  • In the field where you want to enter a phone number or account, enter the phone number or account recorded on the sheet earlier.
  • We get the unlock code and write it on a piece of paper.
  • Tell a friend: "Thanks for the help!" Go back to the infected computer.
  • Enter the received code, after which the computer is removed from the lock.

There is another way that allows you to quickly overcome the current difficult situation. So, what to do:

  • Hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Esc keys.
  • A blinking task manager appears.
  • Without releasing the keys, you need to hover the mouse over the malware task.
  • Need to highlight this task.
  • Now you need to cancel it (remove the task).
  • After these actions, the window should disappear.
  • Now, remaining in the Task Manager, you need to select the "File" menu item to select a new task. This will help us unlock Windows.
  • There we select the option "New task (execute ...)".
  • In the field that appears, enter "regedit.exe" and click OK.
  • In the window that appears, find the section [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon];
  • Check the userinit value. It should be: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ userinit.exe,
  • Check Shell value
  • The value should be explorer.exe
  • If there is no such parameter as a shell, then it must be created.
  • After you create the shell parameter, assign it the value explorer.exe
  • Now you can close the registry editor.
  • Create a new task again (task manager, file menu, new task)
  • In the field that appears, enter explorer.exe
  • Now it remains to scan the computer for the presence of a virus.
  • This virus must be identified and destroyed.

And one more method that will help to overcome the problem of the appeared banner "Windows is blocked". What to do. We need the so-called LiveCD. A program that is able to see the file system. Download LiveCd from here:. You need to write the program on an empty disk and start loading Windows from this disk. After downloading, you must go to c: / documents and settings / all users / application data / Destroy two files: blocker.exe and blocker.bin. Open the registry editor, as you did in the previous method. It is necessary to change the value of the userinit parameter.To do this, right-click on the parameter and select "change". Delete the contents of the line and write the following: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ userinit.exe. Exit and reboot the computer.

Now you need to boot in the normal mode and scan your computer for viruses. The virus must be destroyed.