What to do: black screen?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 8, 2014
What to do: black screen?

One of the most serious problems faced by PC users is the so-called “black screen”. It sometimes appears when the Windows operating system boots.

In most cases, this problem is related to a video adapter malfunction. You can solve it as follows:

  1. Install a new driver for the computer's video card (the current version of the driver can be downloaded from the official website of the video card manufacturer);
  2. Open the "Task Manager";
  3. Select the "Processes" tab. In the presented list, find explorer.exe .;
  4. Select "End Process";
  5. In the "File" menu, find and click "New Task";
  6. In the field that opens, type explorer.exe .;
  7. Confirm the accepted changes and press the “Ok” key.

If the provided tips helped solve the problem, then no other action will be required. Otherwise, you should simply contact a specialized service center.

Black screen on Apple devices

The “black screen” often worries iPhone owners. Despite the fact that this problem greatly scares users, it is easy to solve.

If your phone stops responding to any attempts to restore it to a normal functioning state, then this is not a reason to carry it to a service center.

First you need to do the following:

  1. Turn off the sound on the gadget. This will provide an opportunity to figure out whether the device responds to user commands. If you turn off the sound, then the iPhone should start to vibrate. This will indicate that it is functioning and enabled. The solution will be to replace the display.
  2. Turn off and turn on your iPhone. To do this, press and hold the sleep key for three to four seconds. After that, a small red color slider should appear on the display. Move it, press again, hold the same button. If you do it right, the Apple Corporation icon should appear on the screen. Otherwise, you must contact the service center to a specialist.
  3. If your gadget is on, it vibrates, but does not react to any actions - this may indicate that it needs to be returned to the standard settings.If this action did not help - the black screen still does not disappear, then it is recommended to connect the gadget to the charger and press a few buttons - the key responsible for switching to the standby mode, as well as the start. They must be held for ten seconds until you see the Apple logo. In certain situations, a battery icon may appear, indicating that the phone just needs to be charged.