What to collect Balanara?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 6, 2013
What to collect Balanara?

All his potential Balanara character from the game DotA reveals at night. It gains significant movement speed and high attack speed. But in order for his enemies to fear even more, you should collect as many artifacts for him. They must fully unleash his enormous potential, especially as a hero killer. This guide on Balanaru will describe to you what should be collected. Using it, you can turn this character into a real mega hero, with incredible vitality and strength.

What artifacts to collect Balanara

  • First of all, it is recommended to assemble the Dominator - since Balanara is a melee hero, he needs his vampirism. Then he will not have to return to the fountain each time and restore the power of life. In addition, as a bonus, the dominator also gives a bit of armor, then it can be improved with Satanic.
  • Also, you should definitely get an artifact like Power Thread. It represents the boots that will give the character an excellent attack speed.If you choose others, they will not be able to give so much power, so it makes no sense to consider other options. As an added benefit to these boots, you will get seven powers.
  • In addition, Buriza will also be useful, since Balanara has quite good damage, so it's time to think about Creta. After all, this character should be able to kill the enemy as quickly as possible, even if he will be under his tower.
  • In addition, you should collect Desolator. This artifact will help make opponents even weaker by reducing the "strength" of his armor. This means that the damage during attacks can be inflicted more significantly, and the enemy will each time become even weaker. Desolator will be nice to go in tandem with one of the already collected artifacts, but it is worth saying that you cannot use it with a dominator or satanic, since it has ORB-EFFECT, respectively, only one artifact will work.
  • Also worth paying attention to Cranium Basher. Because this artifact is simply a must for Balanar. After all, he does everything. To the enemy did not run away from the hero, even if he will do everything possible for this.In addition, this artifact makes it possible to stun your enemy for 1.2 seconds. It also adds a little strength and not bad increases the damage, which is a good bonus. And if in the future you have extra money, then you can improve the Cranium Basher to the Abyssal-blade.
  • And the last artifact is Heart of Tarrasque. He is very important for Balanar, he simply can not do without him. After all, with him he increases the chances of winning the battle - two by one. He also helps winners to win one against three.

Now you know what to collect Balanara, so be sure to try to get these artifacts. Then the character will become strong and almost invincible.