What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Recently, more and more you can hear: “Foo-y, this mass market” (and this is when there is a crisis in the country, and in our wallets too!). Why is such dismissive attitude towards inexpensive and affordable things?

A certain stereotype has developed in our heads: cheap means low quality. Fast fashion (“fast fashion”) contributes to this in many ways; collections are now released not every three to six months (that is, seasonal), but once a week or a month. The more it is produced, the less time, it seems to us, is given to quality control, because the main thing is a beautiful picture. Of course, there is some truth in this, but let's be fair, after all, the mass market really helps us out. For example, when you need to buy something for a spectacular appearance at once (whether it is a top with sequins or an elaborate clutch) or you need to dilute the basic wardrobe with the latest fashion of the season, but you do not want to overpay for color or silhouette. In the end, here you can find a lot of interesting things. So, where to buy?

Zara: all season trends, correct jeans and tweed jackets

“Who does not know Zara, Zara knows everything” - I just want to change the words of the famous poem Agnes Barto. There are a lot of jokes about this brand: they did not have time to see it on the podium, but it was already hanging in the store. Indeed, the designers of the brand draw inspiration from other collections, for example, now on the site you can find a Gucci blouse or boots with a raised boot, like those of Saint Laurent and Prada. In general, the main thesis: if you want to dress fashionably, and spend a little, look in Zara more often.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Blouse with a bow Zara (3 999 rub.)Zara Boots (3 599 rub.)

The workers of the fashion industry, through word of mouth, convey secret knowledge: the coolest jeans are in Zara. Believe me, they look much more expensive than they cost.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Zara jeans with high rise (2 999 rubles).flared jeans Zara (3 999 rub.)

Another point of our shopping route is tweed suits. For several seasons in a row, the brand has produced very successful models, which many (not well-versed in this) take for ... Chanel. A trifle, but nice.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Tweed Zara Jacket (4 999 rub.)Zara Double Breasted Blazer (6 999 rub.)

Uniqlo: cashmere

The Japanese mass market pleases us with its cashmere. First, it is really warm (and this is important for our winter).Secondly, it looks decent (a white cashmere turtleneck collects compliments each time, although I wear it for the third winter). Thirdly, every year the brand produces different colors (besides the base ones), so that you can assemble a whole collection.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Uniqlo Cashmere Jumper (5 999 rub.)cashmere Uniqlo turtleneck sweater (5 999 rub.)

H & M: hoodies, basic t-shirts, tights, barrettes and collaborations

The Swedish brand from year to year is intriguing with new collaborations. Someone swears because of the quality (obviously, those who got nothing, or they found torn remnants after a hot battle for the object of desire). Everyone else they like, and we, too. You do not need to buy everything greedily, but you can afford one or two things to dilute the basic wardrobe.

The brand has very good sweatshirts (for fans of a relaxed style here a lot of discoveries) and basic t-shirts for every day. In addition, hosiery deserves attention (tights after the first time are not torn and do not shine on the leg), as well as the usual hairpins - crabs and invisible.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Hoodie H & M (1 499 rub.)basic t-shirt H & M (399 rub.)tights H & M 20 den (499 rub.)

Love Republic: evening and cocktail dresses

Elegant dresses - a special theme.I want to look like a queen, but buying an expensive dress and putting it on several times in a row is not the best solution. The Russian brand Love Republic solves this problem, offering cocktail and evening dresses, which can be safely put on for a spectacular release.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Evening dress Love Republic (5 999 rubles)cocktail dress Love Republic (3 999 rub.)

Mango: shoes and bags

But for unusual bags go to Mango. This season among the favorites are soft fur bags that can be worn as a clutch, neat ministers and practical small bags on a chain.

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Fur bag Mango (3 999 rubles)Suede Mango Handbag (2 999 rub.)

Interesting models of shoes can also be found here. For example, boats with transparent plastic inserts (like Gianvito Rossi), ankles from velvet, jacquard or tweed or ankle socks (in winter they can be worn instead of shoes in the office).

What to buy in the mass market to look cool

Mango pumps with transparent inserts (2 999 rub.)Mango ankle socks (3 999 rub.)

Oysho: sportswear

Down with the stereotypes that functional things need to buy in specialized stores (of course, if it's not about professional sports or shoes). Practical clothing for fitness can be found in Oysho. There are jumpsuits for yoga, and a form for running and for pilates - it remains only to decide on the model and the color scheme.