What should be a man?

Love is an important part of our life. For most people, without love, happiness is impossible. Many women dream to meet your soul mate. They know exactly the answer, what should be the man of their dreams. In the imagination, they paint their ideal: appearance, personality, character traits. So, who is he, a real man, with whom the beautiful half of humanity is so eager to meet?

What should be a real man?

Ideas about what should be a real man, women, men are completely different. The quality that seems attractive to some causes a strong protest in others. Maybe that's why men and women are so hard to find and understand each other? Today we define the criteria for a real man from a feminine point of view. Therefore, we recommend that a strong half of humanity carefully read the article - perhaps you look at yourself from a different, feminine position, and you can become an ideal partner for your lover!

What qualities should a man have?

Here are the main qualities that women consider to be signs of a real man:

  • Strong-willed. A real man should be stronger than his chosen one both morally and physically. A woman does not need a weakling or an errand boy. A woman wants to feel protected. This item lies deep in the subconscious, when our ancestors still walked in the skins. Then the danger was great to become a victim of wild animals or some kind of natural phenomena. A woman needed a protector who would provide security for her and her offspring. Therefore, do not believe feminists who declare their independence from men. Subconsciously, a woman chooses a stronger man. Strength must not only be physical. A man should be strong-willed, assertive, decisive. He should be able to make decisions in a stressful situation, when women may be in a panic. He is responsible for his words and deeds and does not give empty promises.
  • Purposeful. A real man sets a goal and reaches it, no matter how difficult it may seem. He understands that the main thing, and what is secondary, and is not exchanged for trifles. It is focused on achieving the goal.Of course, he may have a hobby that will help you to rest and gain strength to translate their designs into reality.
  • Successful. A man must have a vocation, a favorite job, a career where he can realize his potential. The representatives of the stronger sex, who have not found themselves, often have an intolerable character, suffer from depression and neurosis. Even if at the moment he is not the head of a large company and he does not have a million, it is not scary. Women are very sensitive to the potential of men. Can he make money? Is it able to feed a family? Does he have the energy and desire to grow and improve?
  • Clever. Mandatory attribute of this man - is the mind. Whether a woman will be crazy to fall in love with a stupid man. The number of higher education is not so important, the ability to have conversations on various topics, to be erudite, intellectual is much more important. Women like when a man is logical, able to convincingly prove his opinion. The mind is also necessary for a man to achieve career growth.
  • Responsible. Today in society we are witnessing a shift in roles - women are becoming more and more active, men, on the contrary, are losing their initiative.They prefer to shift the responsibility for decision-making on the fragile female shoulders. While it is the man who should be the head of the family and stand at the helm of the family ship.
  • Kind, caring. Egoists who think only of themselves are not accepted by women. As well as not taking overly aggressive men. Sometimes, a certain degree of aggression may seem attractive to girls, indicating male brutality and strength. But do not go too far! Well, if a man will show concern and participation in relation to his darling, as well as give her enough of his attention. Women appreciate men's care very highly and will pay for it generously. An important quality is also the love of men for children. It is preferable for a woman that her husband be a role model for their children. He has unquestioned authority for them. Family values ​​are of great importance for a real man.
  • Sense of humor. Many women pay great attention to this trait of character, because they themselves do not know how to joke. Laugh in a difficult life situation, relieve stress with a joke - these are qualities that are valued in men.
  • Sexual.Although it is believed that sex is more important for men, women are not indifferent to him either.Girls do not like macho, who will not miss more than one skirt. Loyalty to a partner is a great value for a woman. In pastels, the ideal man is tender and passionate, sometimes rude, aggressive. He is thinking about how to deliver a partner unearthly bliss, and is not concerned only about achieving an orgasm for himself. He makes it clear to the girl how attractive, desirable, sexy she is. Such men women do not miss!
  • Other important features of a real man: decisive, courageous, frank, affectionate, attentive.

According to the results of a sociological survey conducted among women, the qualities of a real man were as follows:

  1. Caring, kind;
  2. Clever;
  3. Sexual;
  4. Fair;
  5. Strong-willed;
  6. Business;
  7. With a sense of humor;
  8. Hardworking;
  9. Bold;
  10. Beautiful.

It's funny that beauty is at the last place for women. Recently, there has been a tendency among men to pay increased attention to their appearance — to visit beauty salons, dye their hair, do pedicure and manicure, in a word, to do everything that is traditionally a prerogative of women. Such men, metrosexuals, will they gain success with women only if as a girlfriend who advises which salon to visit. A man should not look like a woman.Naturally, to care for their appearance is necessary and necessary. A woman does not like a man who has dirty shoes, unwashed hair or unwashed clothes, smelling sweat.

What should be a man in appearance?

This question is, of course, purely individual. Traditionally, women prefer men of athletic build and good looks. They should be able to dress with taste and choose for themselves a chic wardrobe.

What should be the weight of a man? It should not be too thin, but not fat. Some girls like big, a little bit fat men. A little pumped up muscles are considered by most women to be very attractive.

How tall should a man be? The representatives of the fair sex prefer their elect to be a little higher than themselves. It is undesirable for a man to be shorter. Psychologically, this creates the effect of the dominance of women, but they do not need it.

Here is a brief story about how a perfect man should be. But remember the main thing, the ideal man, this is the one who will be able to make his darling happy, no matter what qualities he has!