What questions can I ask girls?

For many young people, the question of communicating with girls becomes a real problem when they meet women and do not know what to ask, what to talk about. Of course, one cannot do without practice. But first, note the theoretical foundations.

What questions you can ask girls when meeting

Fundamental rules

  1. Do not invent a super-original phrase for dating. It sounds unnatural and funny.
  2. To not immediately get a refusal, you should not be banal: "Is it possible to get to know you?".
  3. Let us ask questions so that the girl could not remain silent, but she herself wanted to continue communication.

Examples of questions you can ask girls

Remember that the most important thing is to attract the attention of the girl: "Tell me, please, where is the nearest cafe here?" The girl answers. "You do not know if there is any tasty coffee?" The following is a proposal to treat her: "Allow me, I will treat you to a cup of coffee." This wonderful way to meet you at once shows us that a girl cannot but respond to requests for help.After all, at first you will approach her as an ordinary person who does not reveal his cards that you passionately desire to meet. As a normal adequate person, she simply must say something.

At the bus stop: "Do not tell me, how long has the last bus left?" The girl answers. "I wonder how often they go?" You see, you are already starting to talk with her, without giving her a chance to refuse you to communicate! Remember, now you rule the ball! And so you need to do always.

"Tell me, what time is it?" The girl answers. "Are you sure that your watch is accurate?" (with a worried face). The girl answers. "You know, either my clock got off, or I got lost in your city and came to the meeting in the wrong place" (even if you have lived in it since birth). She probably wondered where you need to go. Ask her for help. Just be sure to specify the destination address, which will coincide with the direction where the girl was going. She will forgive your acting skills when you are already cute walking and chatting on abstract topics. By the way, here is the topic for you to continue the conversation: uncover the secret that you liked her so much that you were ready to pretend to be strange and beg her for help.

What questions to ask the girls in the process of conversation

Fundamental rules

  1. Do not interrogate. Ideally, after each of her answers, you will develop the topic and express your opinion on this matter. Roughly speaking, respond to her answer and answer your own question.
  2. Find a middle ground. It is not necessary for each of her answers to give the opposite opinion, but it is also impossible to constantly agree.

Examples of questions you can ask girls

  • About films: Do you like to go to the movies? Do you often do this? What kind of films do you like? Tell me, what film from this genre do you remember? What movie can you watch again and again? Do you prefer to go to the cinema alone or with friends? Have you ever gone to night sessions? Would you like? Which places do you like more: closer to the screen or on the back rows? Do you happen to go out from the cinema, and the world seems strange to you?
  • About relationships (girls just love this theme!): Are you romantic by nature? And often fall in love? Do you like when guys fight for you? Have you ever met two at once? And you have the most rivals? Are they still alive? :) What do you think is in you that is worthy of a compliment, except insanely expressive eyes and a charming look, of course?
  • About leisure: Do you like to sit in cafes, bars? What places in our city do you prefer? Where are you most often? Alone or with friends? I always wondered why many girls like to come to the cafe alone and sit there for hours?
  • About everything: What time of year do you like the most? Afraid of thunderstorms? Do you love sunbathing? Topless? :) Do you have Brother or sister? What music are you listening to? Have pets? Have you been to the sea?

As soon as you begin to practice communicating with girls, in the future, questions from you will pour in one by one!