What products are useful to combine in cooking

If you often have a cold, look pale, your skin is dry, and your hair is dull and brittle, then your body may be iron deficient. Women are prone to iron deficiency during menstruation days. The combination of eating liver and cabbage is a good prevention of iron deficiency anemia. 300 grams of liver, along with any amount of cabbage will replenish your body with 15 grams of iron - this is a full daily dose.
For the prevention of cancer is to combine citrus with green tea. Indeed, in such tea there are catechin polyphenols, which contribute to the suppression of malignant cells. But green tea is only 20 percent of these nutrients, and in combination with citrus juice it’s already 80%. By the way, if you add a spoonful of sugar, then the nutrients will be better absorbed by the body.
Even children know that carrots contain a lot of vitamin A.So, this very vitamin helps the body in the fight against viruses and infections, but without zinc it is not absorbed, therefore, there is almost no sense from it. Zinc is found in large quantities in chicken meat, which is why, in combination, carrots and chicken will give the body much benefit.
The combination of broccoli and eggs is perfect for relieving PMS syndrome. Broccoli in tandem with eggs because of the calcium and vitamin D they contain can reduce PMS by 40 percent. In addition, broccoli omelette is very tasty.
Common scrambled eggs, fried in vegetable oil - is an excellent source of vitamin E, which is necessary for skin tone and beauty. But note that you should not cook eggs for more than two minutes, since high temperatures are detrimental to nutrients.
Eating avocado and spinach is good for sight. Indeed, in spinach there are vitamins A and lutein that are beneficial for the eyes, and in the avocado of these same substances many times more. In addition, avocados contain fats that are beneficial to the body, which contribute to the absorption and dissolution of both vitamin A and lutein. You can make an avocado and spinach salad with citrus dressing.