What is the stomach at 5 months of pregnancy

The fifth month of pregnancy is a lot of change. The fruit continues to improve and grow, and the woman’s abdomen is noticeably rounded. "Interesting position" is no longer hidden from prying eyes. The uterus has grown significantly, its size can now be compared with a small melon. The bottom of the uterus is just above the navel. Thanks to all these factors, the pregnant belly becomes very rounded.
For some women, the navel begins to protrude noticeably at this time, it will remain so until the end of pregnancy, and after giving birth it will return to its usual position. Now you can not stomach, you need to buy clothes free cut, which will not cause discomfort. It is recommended to choose outfits from natural fabric. If the future mom has not yet felt the movements of the crumbs, it is likely to happen exactly on the fifth month of pregnancy. The longer the period of pregnancy, the more noticeable will be the sensations of movement of the child.
The tummy has grown up, and choosing a comfortable posture for sleeping is more difficult. Doctors categorically prohibit sleeping on your back or abdomen at a gestational age of 5 months. Pregnant women need to teach themselves to rest on their sides. For more convenience, you can put a small pillow between your legs or just fold your legs one on top of the other.
In the fifth month of pregnancy, the future mother is recommended to walk more often, as well as to ventilate the room. The presence of fresh air will not allow the development of hypoxia in the fetus. To prevent the appearance of varicose veins, you should stop wearing high-heeled shoes, it is desirable to minimize the work at the computer and long stay in the same position. You need to try to relax more and not overwork the body. A gestation period of 5 months may be accompanied by shortness of breath and frequent urging to the toilet. The breast of a woman increases in size, the first drops of colostrum are possible.
Those couples who are not forbidden by the doctor to have sex, and they have a desire to give each other pleasure, it is recommended to carefully choose a pose for sex. Since in the fifth month the belly is growing more and more, poses for intimacy should be such that pressure on the baby was not.In addition, in the process of physical proximity, it is necessary to eliminate sudden movements and too deep penetration.
Some women in the 5th month of pregnancy may experience abdominal pain. This is due to the stretching of the nodes and muscles that support the uterus. Such discomfort is experienced by most pregnant women. Pain may occur when coughing or when getting out of bed. They can be both antispasmodic and stabbing. The pain can suddenly appear and quickly pass, and can disturb for hours. This malaise is quite normal during pregnancy. The desired relief and reduction of pain will bring rest in a comfortable posture.