What is the opposition?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 17, 2015
What is the opposition?

Opposition is a word of Latin origin ("oppositio"), literally meaning "opposition". Most often the word is found in the public and political contexts to refer to political forces opposing the ruling elites. Opposition can coexist with the ruling party, leading its policy, and can be radical and reach extreme manifestations, leading the country to war and revolution.

In general, any group of individuals within a collective, leading a policy of opposition and resistance to the majority, can be called opposition.

The opposition of views is also called the opposition.

Other meanings of the word "opposition"

In addition to the political context, the opposition is also found in other areas. For example, linguistics and astronomy.

Thus, in linguistics, the word "opposition" is used to denote the concept of a structural-functional concept that treats language as a system of mutually opposing elements.

In astronomy, the opposition characterizes the confrontation of space objects, their different locations in space.

In chess, opposition calls such an arrangement of kings, in which they are located one opposite the other and are separated by one field of the chessboard.

That's what the opposition is.