What is the name Smesharikov?

March 30, 2015
What is the name Smesharikov?

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What is the name Smesharikov?

"Smeshariki" is an animated series, which with pleasure looks not only for children, but also for adult audience. A cartoon is shown in many countries, and a computer game is created on its basis. In this article we will introduce you to the main characters of the series.

What is the name "Smesharikov": the names and character of the characters

Rabbit Krosh

This hero loves adventure and not against various adventures. Rabbit is presented as a cheerful and kind hero who has his own point of view on everything.


Is friend Krosh. Hedgehog is a sensible hero with good education. This character is very shy and loves peace and quiet.


The lyrical hero is almost always in sorrow. That is why he constantly writes sad poems.What is the name Smesharikov?

Piggy Nyusha

Beautiful Piggy dreams of becoming a princess and is an avid fashionista. The heroine is not averse to being the center of attention, which she often uses for her own purposes.


A clever hero who is interested in many sciences.Elk has a serious character, often reads books and applies their knowledge in practice.

Kopatych Bear

The economic character is a gardener: he grows fresh vegetables for his friends. Has a good nature and strength.


Owl works as a doctor. The heroine has a sentimental character, and therefore takes a lot to heart.

Raven Kar-Karych

Raven is retired, is a wise hero and has a lot of life experience. In the past, a great artist.