What is the name of the movie?

Finding a movie on the world wide web without knowing its name is real. There are several ways to find out what was called the movie that interested you. The easiest: remember the names of the actors who starred in the film, and no matter whether it was the main role or a minor one. There are films of most actors on the Internet, even if they are not too popular in our country. Further we read descriptions of films of the actor known to us, we watch trailers and we find the necessary. The biggest help in finding a movie by the name of the actor who starred in it will be the site. You can also search if the name of the director or screenwriter is known.

How to know the movie on the plot

If you are not so lucky and you don’t remember a single actor from the movie, then you’ll have to go to the second method: search for a movie based on the plot description. To get started, try to drive into your favorite search engine a brief description of the film with the help of the phrase: "what is the name of the movie where ...". For example, "what is the name of the movie where the main characters are the girl and the killer" or "what is the name of the movie where the hero is in the past."Next, review the opened links. Perhaps in one of them you will find the name of the desired movie. Most often, the correct answer is already on the first page of the search, so it does not make sense to look through all the pages in a row.

If you put the idea in one short phrase does not work, then come to the rescue forums kinomanov. For example such as. If you prefer to communicate on social networks, then try to find in them an interest group. There you will be able to describe the plot in the smallest detail, how you remember it and you will surely know what the name of the movie you are looking for is called. The more details you can remember, the higher the chances of success. To achieve the best result, try to remember the highlight of the script, because a lot of modern films are similar to each other as if they were shot by one director. A huge value in such forums is the knowledge of the names of the main characters, so that if possible, do not forget to specify them.

Other ways to know the name of the movie

If you don’t find a movie by the description of the plot, you will have to resort to the third, the most complex search option.To do this, you need to remember the remarkable phrases, music, or even the time in which the film takes place up to a year. Try to drive into the search engine a key phrase that the hero uttered, the name of the song, or at least a line from it, and perhaps links will lead you to the name of the desired movie.

There is another way to find the name of a movie, but it applies only to movies that were shown on TV. Help you can have a banal program guide. It is enough to remember on what channel and about what day you saw the desired movie and enter the phrase “program guide” with the name of the TV channel in the search engine.

And of course, do not forget to ask your best friends for help. Surely among them there are real connoisseurs of great cinema, who will not only be able to suggest the name of the film, but will also enjoy watching it with you.