What is the best dog food?

With the advent of the dog in the house there are many problems associated with its content. The dog needs its own place, mode, walks, training and of course proper nutrition. And then the question arises: what kind of food is better to feed the dog?

Types of food

The dog can eat natural food or dry food. Each type of food has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no consensus as to which food is better, even among specialists (veterinarians, breeders).

The main requirement for dog food is balance. The ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats should correspond to the breed, weight and age. Vitamins and minerals are needed, as well as constantly fresh water.

Feed adult dogs preferably 2 times a day, dividing the daily rate in half.

Natural nutrition

Cooking for a dog is needed separately. Feed the remnants of your lunch is strictly prohibited. You can not roast, smoked, fat. Food should be at room temperature, without seasoning.

Meat (beef, chicken) should take about 1/3 of the total mass of the diet.It is boiled and cut into small pieces. Raw is not recommended. From offal, you can liver, heart, udder (1-2 p. Per week). Bones are not desirable, especially tubular. It is better to buy bones for cleaning teeth from natural veins.

Mandatory cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal). Vegetables and fruits are given in a chopped form, mixed with porridge. You can add dairy products, 1-2 eggs per week, a little salt and bone meal, limit the fats (no more than 15 g).

The benefits of natural nutrition are that you yourself can choose quality products. But there are also disadvantages: cooking takes time; It's hard to calculate how much a dog gets nutrients.

Dry food

The composition of dry food is tailored to the needs of dogs. They are available for puppies and elderly animals, for pregnant women and for problem dogs (for example, dietary). In the feed the proportions of the content of proteins and carbohydrates are observed, there are vitamins and minerals.

What dog food is better? Of course in the package, the quality of the weight is questionable. Food should not contain dyes, sugar, fillers, low-quality protein (by-products).

Preferred premium feed and super premium.They undergo strict quality control, they have sufficient protein content (meat, fish).

The most famous manufacturers of professional feeds on our market are Hills, Eucanuba, Nutra, Orijen, Innova, Acana, Techni-Cal, Royal Canin.

What to choose

What is the best dog food? The one that suits your dog. Find out what the puppy fed the breeders: they know well what it needs. You can consult with a veterinarian.

The most expensive and praised by someone feed your dog may simply not be suitable (possible allergies, refusal to feed). With a combination of natural and dry food, it is more difficult to calculate the daily rate.

There are criteria by which it is determined whether the dog eats properly. If it is energetic, efficient, durable, wool is shiny, then the feed (natural or dry) is chosen correctly.

Having decided to transfer the dog to another type of food or feed from another manufacturer, do it gradually. A new type of food is added to the old little by little, the period of habituation takes up to 2 weeks.