What is status?

In modern society, as many years ago, it is important for a person to be aware of his status, which today has become a deeper and more multifaceted concept. Revealing the essence of the question of what status is, we will certainly determine that human status is a combination, first of all, of stable values ​​of the characteristics of a subject. And although there are a lot of meanings and definitions of the word “status”, for example, from the point of view of linguistics, chemistry, and so on, for a person his social and legal status is always important.

What is social status?

The position that an individual or social group occupies in society or in a separate structure of society is called the social status of a person. It is determined by means of an objective relation of the position it occupies with the position of other people. However, taking into account the fact that each person occupies a whole range of positions in society, here it makes sense to list the sub-statuses of social significance selected by sociologists.

First of all, this is the status received by a person at birth (race, gender, etc.), the so-called innate status.The position that a person takes due to his efforts and work is called acquired status. Attributed status of a person receives without taking into account their interests and desires. Legal status is also part of the qualities of a modern person and citizen.

What is legal status?

The legal status of the individual is a legally fixed position of the individual in society and the state. The list of types of legal status is as follows:

  • constitutional (general) status of a person, a citizen;
  • the clan (special) status of a specific category of citizens;
  • the status of persons with dual citizenship, stateless persons and foreigners;
  • personality status determines age, gender, marital status;
  • status of an individual;
  • statuses by legal branches.

In a separate perspective, it is worth mentioning such a legal status as the status quo. From the Latin "status quo" means "the position in which", that is, it means the position of existing or current affairs.

Online status

One of the innovations of the modern world was the concept of status on the Internet. This status means a short capacious phrase, usually no more than 160 characters,which is placed by the user in his own profile in a social network, in an instant messaging agent or in a microblog. This message is intended to inform visitors about the emotional mood of the author.

The status in Vkontakte most often is a picture with text or just text that users can view. The length of the message in the contact is exactly 140 characters.

The status in Odnoklassniki may also contain information both about the owner of the personal file, and about his mood, attitude to any event and so on. The maximum allowable number of characters for status in Odnoklassniki is 255. Statements that exceed this amount are cut off automatically. The status in Odnoklassniki allows people who are not indifferent to the author of the status to respond to the message.