What is Oki?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 21, 2013
What is Oki?

“Okami” in Odnoklassniki are called electronic money, such a “currency” of this social network. The presence of commodity-money relations between the participants of almost all social resources has long been no secret to anyone. People communicate, give each other gifts, congratulate their Internet acquaintances on holidays, finally promote their products through this communication. Yes, and the social network itself offers a lot of paid services and entertainment, for which you need to pay for something. That was introduced into circulation only in Odnoklassniki domestic currency "OK!". That's what the Oki is. Or it would be more correct to say “Ok!”.

With the definition of the concept of “OK!” We figured out. But you, for sure, immediately had a question: “How to use“ Okami ”in Odnoklassniki?”. And the next one arrived in time: “Where do they come from and where do they go?”. Now, in order, we will deal with all this.

You can replenish your account with Odnoklassniki:

  • from your mobile phone account;
  • from Visa or MasterCard;
  • from the wallet of one of the electronic payment systems (Yandex Money, QIWI, WebMoney, etc.).
  • through the payment terminal.

Where to spend "Ok!"

  • on gold coins for games;
  • the service "Invisible";
  • to the “Remove Guests” service;
  • on the service "Closed Profile";
  • for gifts to friends;
  • on paid emoticons;
  • to remove negative ratings of their photos.

What course is “OK!”

1 “OK!” = 1 Russian ruble.

You should also know that in Internet slang the word “Ok!” (From English Okay) means “well,” “everything is in order,” “I agree.” As you can see, the answer to the question: “What is“ Ok! ”Is rather ambiguous. Therefore, you should look at the context in which the word is used.