What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal - exposure to the hair surface with a red LED light, resulting in a soft and painless removal of excess hair. This is a good modern alternative to other ways of getting rid of excess vegetation.

Laser hair removal is:

  • Painlessly. During the procedure, the skin is effectively cooled, so the woman feels only a slight tingling.
  • For a long time. After the course of procedures for at least five years, you can not worry about unwanted hair.
  • Economically. Given that the effect of laser hair removal lasts for many years, you will save a lot of money on caring for yourself by paying one time per course.
  • Safely. The laser beam affects the hair follicle pointwise without engaging the lymph nodes, tissues and organs.

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Who is laser hair removal?

This procedure is good for anyone who has no contraindications to it. You will not have to spend time and money on long regular procedures and remedies, endure pain, remove ingrown hairs and get rid of irritations.

The procedure is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • age to adulthood;
  • hormonal contraception, pregnancy and lactation;
  • damaged skin: abrasions, burns, wounds, scars, etc .;
  • diseases: diabetes mellitus in the uncompensated stage, hypertension in the severe form, varicose veins, allergies in the acute stage, viral infections, malignant tumors.

The procedure will give a good effect when the hair is in the phase of active growth. Since the hairs grow at different speeds, they have different lengths. To get a completely smooth skin, you must complete a course in 5-8 sessions of 15-20 minutes each.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

  • Do not remove hairs from the root within one to two months. They can be shaved with a razor.
  • 2-3 days before the first session, it is necessary to shave the skin so that by the beginning of the procedure they have grown no more than 2-3 mm.
  • It is recommended not to sunbathe for two weeks before the first session. Freshly tanned skin is vulnerable, so it can begin to peel off, itch and redden.

Epilation bikini area

Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body where hair grows. You can order the epilation of the whole body or its separate part.Laser bikini deep hair removal is very popular: it allows you to quickly and painlessly remove unnecessary vegetation in the intimate area.

How to prepare:

  • A couple of weeks before the procedures do not sunbathe in the solarium or in the sun.
  • A couple of days before hair removal you need to remove hair in the bikini zone. You can use any method that does not affect the hair follicles: shaving, depilation, haircut. Do not use wax, shugaring or epilator. On a treatment day, the hair in the bikini area should grow no more than 2 mm.
  • On the day before the procedure, no cosmetic products should be applied to the skin: ointments, creams, oils, alcohol-containing products.
  • Before the procedure, be tested for contraindications. Epilation is allowed only in case of their absence.

How to care for skin after laser hair removal?

The skin on certain areas of the body is very sensitive (face, armpits, bikini area), and after laser hair removal even more. In order to avoid irritations and pigment spots, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not go to the beach, solarium, sauna or bath. On the skin should not get direct sunlight.
  • During the entire course and after it, do not use hair removal methods, in which hair will be removed with the roots.
  • Do not use aggressive peeling agents: scrubs, peels, hard washcloths. If skin irritations and redness appear, it is necessary to apply a remedy that soothes the skin and accelerates its regeneration.

Laser hair removal is a great way to put your skin in order for many years in just a few procedures. For a successful outcome, prepare well for the procedure. It is important to follow all the rules during preparation, during the procedure and after the skin care. Be well-groomed and beautiful!