What is bad for pregnant women?

It is necessary to take care of the baby even when he is in the womb. Only an integrated approach to one’s own way of life, nutrition, and health can preserve the health of the future child to the maximum.

Studies have long established that the psychological life of a person - his experiences, emotions and perception of the surrounding world, all kinds of sensitivity - are formed precisely in the womb. It has been repeatedly proved that if a child is desired, then in the future he will have much more advantages over those whom he conceived by negligence. The fact is that a conscious attitude towards pregnancy "includes" in the woman's maternal instinct: she is ready to do everything to eventually give birth to a healthy child. Even if for this you have to radically change your usual way of life and abandon the habits that were previously considered mandatory. We will tell you what is harmful during pregnancy, and why you should change your life.

  • Severe physical exertion can lead to uterine tone and cause a threat of miscarriage.
  • Bad habits.For example, the harm of smoking during pregnancy is detrimental to the health of the fetus. A daily drinking of alcoholic beverages, even in small quantities, adversely affects the physical and mental development of the future baby.
  • Refusal from a regular physical examination (at least once a month). Timely analyzes will warn the possible development of fetal abnormalities, remember this! And try to see you watched by the same doctor.
  • Weight lifting In one case, in no case is not recommended to lift more than five kilograms, and carry - more than three. These actions can trigger the placental abruption mechanism and, as a result, provoke premature labor.
  • Occupation by those sports that cause shaking the organs of the lower abdomen. For example, tennis, athletics, horse riding, riding a motorcycle, cross-country skiing, long walking and cycling, climbing in the mountains.
  • Frequent medication. The question of whether to resort to their help, should completely fall on the shoulders of the attending physician. Self-treatment is strictly forbidden!
  • Bad food.The less food enters your body while carrying the fetus, the less nutrients it gets to the crumbs. But you should not abuse it with food either. Excessive weight loss can also harm the baby and cause complications in late pregnancy. If you were tormented by overweight before conception, then in the process of pregnancy it is by no means recommended to go on a diet or start taking weight loss drugs.
  • Exposure to various types of radiation, such as ultraviolet or ionizing radiation, is what is harmful during pregnancy. Be careful of treatment and diagnostic procedures that may be associated with radiation. This is especially true for future mothers who are in early pregnancy. X-rays have to be abandoned altogether!
  • Walking in crowded places. Pandemonium, as a rule, is a hotbed of viral infections. And some of them, such as rubella, hepatitis virus, toxoplasmosis, lead to the death of the embryo.
  • Reckless vaccination. The fact is that during pregnancy it is impossible, for example, to be vaccinated against yellow fever and smallpox.But injections from tetanus and polio are considered harmless. There are situations when it is just necessary to introduce a vaccine (for example, a woman is going to go abroad and so on). In this case, recommendations for the introduction of the drug should give the doctor.
  • Pregnant computer is harmful. The fact is that the monitor is a source of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. And many mothers believe that this kind of radiation can harm a future baby. So: just this factor is relatively safe. Much more harm when working with a PC to the mother and baby is done by the specifics of the work. For example, the time that the expectant mother could spend on a walk is taken away. In addition, a long sitting in the pelvis causes stagnation of blood, reduces its influx to the fetus. You can not omit the factor of unnecessary stress that a woman may experience in the process of working on a PC. Diseases of the eye become the result of such effects (this is due to increased fatigue and weakened blood flow). Or disease of the back (as a result of prolonged sitting). Finally, diseases of the circulatory system, resulting from pressure on the vessels during prolonged sitting.

Sex during pregnancy

Many believe that sex during pregnancy is harmful. Is it so? This issue should be given special attention. The fact is that sexual intercourse in itself does not cause any damage to the fetus. On the contrary, it stimulates the flow of blood to the uterus, that is, it nourishes the baby with oxygen. But there are still cases in which during pregnancy, doctors recommend refraining from intimate life. Among them:

  • The threat of miscarriage, that is, increased muscle tone of the uterus. In this case, having sex can trigger preterm labor.
  • Observed bloody discharge.
  • With a diagnosis of placenta previa. That is, in the case where it blocks the exit from the uterus. Chances are that intimacy will cause placental abruption and cause bleeding.
  • In case of infection of the genital tract infection of any of the partners.

I hope we opened the veil of secrecy, which is harmful for pregnant women. More information should be obtained from your doctor.