What is fashionable to wear in spring?

New Year and Christmas holidays passed, Christmas time and Baptism passed, we did not forget to congratulate our beloved men on Defender of the Fatherland Day, and suddenly, as always, the spring peeked into the city. Last night outside the window was a real winter, but overnight something subtly changed in nature. It is still cold, dark snow is lying on the ground, ice crunches underfoot, and the air has already become completely different - transparent, and somehow inexplicably tasty, it dripped from the rooftops, the sky has acquired color and depth.

All women began to flip through fashion magazines in a rush order in search of the most relevant dresses in the new season. We, too, could not remain indifferent to the study of this burning topic, so we did our own little research and are ready to offer you some tips on what to wear in the spring of this year. And so, meet the hit � parade of fashion trends in spring 2013!

Trendy colors of spring 2013

  • Yellow in all its manifestations, from pale lemon to bright yellow canary.Dresses juicy lemon shades are especially good for very young girls. And accessories of warm yellow color will be a great addition to blue or purple dresses for ladies of balzac age.
  • Coral color has been in fashion for several seasons already, but this year it has become less bright and saturated, has acquired noble softness and depth. Its main advantage is that it goes to all women, without exception, regardless of their age and build.
  • Emerald green, which replaced the recently popular turquoise. It is equally good for evening dresses and for casual trouser suits, skirts and blouses.
  • The classic deep and rich blue color is another absolute favorite of the upcoming season. Dresses and suits of this color never go out of fashion and can be the basis of any woman�s wardrobe.
  • Smoky gray-green, very soft and delicate color, evoking memories of spring twilight. Blouses and dresses made of light translucent fabrics, painted in such a color, add a romantic touch to the image of each woman and turn her into a mysterious elf princess.

What to wear in spring 2013

Pants are represented by two extremes. This is either narrow cropped, elegant capri pants familiar to us from past seasons, or, on the contrary, long so long that they touch the floor, flared trousers that have returned to fashion this season. Today, they are sewn from expensive fabrics, they have high waist, they are narrow at the hips, and begin to flare only down from the knee.

Blazers with incredible bright colors, mostly yellow or pink. The last time we wore such in the mid-90s, and now they are again at the peak of popularity.

Shorts mid-thigh, but not denim as before, and sewn from costume fabrics. Now they are worn with office blouses and jackets. Expensive leather belts and pumps or elegant high-heeled ankle boots rely on them.

Lace has not yet managed to completely go out of fashion, as it has once again become one of the main trends of this season to the delight of all romantic young ladies. Guipure blouses and dresses of delicate colors, especially creamy, pale pink or smoky gray should definitely be in the dressage of every woman of fashion this year.

Speaking of the fact that in the fashion this spring, it is impossible not to mention the classic combination of black and white, which is rapidly gaining popularity.All couturiers somehow used it in their new collections - in the form of prints on fabrics or individual parts made in these colors.

This spring skirts are worn of any length - from �super-mini� to �maxi�. The trendy trends include year-skirts, long pleated skirts made of fine fabrics and knitted openwork skirts trimmed with lace and fringe.