What is an orgasm?

Sex is one of the best and most enjoyable activities invented by nature for man. In addition to the incredible sensations, sex contributes to weight loss, improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates the body, creates a great mood, increases intellectual abilities and makes people in love closer together in an emotional and physical way. But still the most pleasant thing about sex is an orgasm. What is an orgasm?

Orgasm is the highest point of sexual arousal, at which a person gets the most powerful pleasure in sexual intercourse. To achieve an orgasm for some is easy, but for others - it is difficult. In order to get the most pleasant feelings from sex, you need to understand what happens during orgasm and how it arises.

Physiology orgasm

If you ask different people: “What do you feel during orgasm?”, They can answer in different ways. For some, this is an inexplicable incredible feeling; someone feels pleasant warmth and fresh energy spreading all over his body; but someone feels the tension, which soon gives way to a pleasant relaxation, and he regards the peak of the change of tension to relaxation as an orgasm.

During orgasm, blood pressure increases dramatically, the pulse reaches 180 beats per minute or more, breathing quickens and becomes uneven. Skin of the face and chest may turn red. Orgasm lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. In men, the period of orgasm is short, the orgasm itself is one-time. Orgasm in a woman can be multiple and longer.

What is a female orgasm

Female orgasm is a capricious thing, but if a woman reaches it to the full extent, then she gets a lasting strong sensation. What happens during orgasm in a woman?

At the moment, there are three types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal and uterine. Clitoral orgasm is recognized by all scientists, but there is still controversy about the vaginal and uterine. Some scientists say that such types of orgasm exist, while others disagree. However, the dominant role in the female orgasm is the clitoris. His proper stimulation entails an orgasm.

Why precisely the clitoris? The clitoris, as some call it, is an “underdeveloped penis”. In women it is small, the head of the clitoris is similar in size to the match tip.Nevertheless, a large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the clitoris, the skillful stimulation of which causes an orgasm. On top of this small organ is covered with a kind of hood, which connects with the labia minora. If you slightly pull the woman's small sexual lips, the hood will cover the head of the clitoris. Such an action can cause pleasant sensations. This is exactly what happens during sexual intercourse. Small labia are constantly in motion, then pulling, then delaying the hood of the clitoris. Thanks to this woman reaches orgasm. And just because of this, many scientists do not recognize the vaginal orgasm, as it is - only a consequence of stimulation to the clitoris, and therefore - a kind of clitoral orgasm.

There is another, less common type of female orgasm - jet orgasm. What is a jet orgasm? If during sexual intercourse in the peak of passion a woman is allocated a large amount of fluid, flowing out of the vagina, then a man can be put "excellent" for sex! Jet orgasm - the result of a strong arousal, and it can not be simulated. It arises, as many believe, due to the impact on the mysterious point G, the stimulation of which causes an almost instantaneous and strong orgasm in a woman.Some people get such an orgasm by chance, but if you understand how it happens, you can give an indescribable feeling to a woman in bed!

What is a male orgasm

A man ends up much more often and more than a woman. It is inherent in him by nature, because he is the successor of the human race. Male orgasm is associated with ejaculation, that is, with ejaculation. Achieving ejaculation depends on a number of reasons: male excitability, type of stimulation to the penis (stimulation with blowjob causes much greater sensations, coupled with hand stimulation), duration of the period of sexual calm (the longer a man has not had sex, the faster his orgasm will come)

What does a man feel during orgasm? Feelings are similar to women's when the highest moment of tension comes, alternating with pleasant relaxation. One man compared a male orgasm with a sneeze. Imagine that you strongly want to sneeze, the sensations are increasing, the tension reaches its climax, and then you sneeze, feel relaxed and enjoy what you sneezed. This is about the male orgasm.

What stands out during orgasm in men? Sperm - a substance that is released during an orgasm from the urethra.In a healthy man, the sperm is white and contains a large amount of vitamin C and, of course, active sperm. Once in the uterus of a woman, sperm can survive in it for up to 7 days. Therefore, those who do not want children yet need to be extremely careful with contraception, and those who are already ripe for replenishment should start practicing sex a week before ovulation. A woman has a large amount of characteristic fluid during orgasm. There is even the concept of "female ejaculation".

Anorgasmia - true or false

There is such a disease, it is called anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is the inability to get an orgasm. Women suffer more and more often with this disease: “I do not get an orgasm, what should I do?”. First you need to understand what kind of orgasm you are not getting. If you can not reach orgasm during masturbation, or with cunnilingus, or during sexual intercourse, then you are dealing, most likely, with real anorgasmia. To treat it, you need to consult a specialist.

If an orgasm cannot be achieved during intercourse, but with cunnilingus and / or masturbation, then you have a false anorgasmia.Why is this happening? There can be several reasons:

  1. Psychological disorder in the pair. If a man and a woman constantly quarrel, a woman does not trust a man, they tear one another's nerves, then there can be no talk of any orgasm. Even if all of you are reconciled, and so far so good, the subconscious mind will not let you relax and have fun. The way out of this situation is to establish really strong, good, long-term and trusting relationships in a pair.
  2. Incompetent partner. It happens that a man behaves in bed is not good enough for his woman to finish. Do not tell him about it, but simply show and tell what and how you are most pleased. A loving and skillful man will definitely try to do everything as it should.
  3. Excessive passion for masturbation, cunnilingus and blowjob. All these types of sexual effects give a very strong feeling. If they occur too often, the body begins to perceive them as the norm, and it disagrees with less. Sexual intercourse, although it is not less pleasant, does not give such thrills, at least immediately. The way out is to reduce the amount of masturbation, cunnilingus and blowjob.
  4. Internal psychological problems. A woman who has been too strictly raised in childhood, cannot tell her to experience orgasm, suggesting to her that sex is bad, dirty and depraved. A person with too low self-esteem, who has already become a serious problem, cannot experience orgasm. Orgasm is also not given to experience too squeezed, twitched and forever nervous people. The best thing you can do is identify your main psychological problem and try to get rid of it. The use of various relaxation techniques, the ability to achieve inner harmony and tranquility will also help.

"How to understand that you have an orgasm?" Sensations during orgasm, though similar, but everyone understands them subjectively. You yourself will understand when you get an orgasm, your body will tell you about it. If you want to know more about the sensations during orgasm, go back to the beginning of our article and read the column "Physiology of orgasm."

Getting an orgasm is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you have not been able to experience it, do not be sad. Do your best to achieve it, and your partner will help you with this!