What is added to tea?

There is a lot of information about how useful and harmful tea is, how to choose it correctly. We will talk about what is added to tea, and we will divide all additives into categories.

You can read about the rules of making tea in the article.

Spice Tea

Spices, seasonings and spices will perfectly warm in cold winter days. Combined with good black tea, they can handle it even better.

Add spices to tea at the time of brewing, so that they have time to open up, give their flavor. Options may be as follows:

  • Cinnamon. It is better to take chopsticks so that the tea does not turn out to be cloudy.
  • Ginger. Use fresh or ground. Fresh ginger root is rubbed or cut into small pieces.
  • Cardamom and coriander.
  • For experienced gourmets, you can offer a carnation (a pair of umbrellas per glass).

Do not be afraid to try your "copyright" options. You can mix different spices and get a kind of mulled tea. However, do not forget that with regard to spices it is worth remembering the measure. For a cup of tea, you will need quite a bit (a pinch, half a teaspoon).

Brew tea on herbs

Herbal teas are soothed in the evening and give energy at the height of the working day. Popular tea with mint, because mint and refresh, and calm, and digestion will lead. Tea with mint can be cooled and even put in the fridge - perfect for summer time.

You can also make tea with chamomile, melissa, sage, raspberry leaves. It is better to brew herbs earlier, wrap a teapot in order to cool, insist, and then add tea leaves. However, do not overdo it with herbs! They can affect the body in different ways.

Tea with fruit or berries

Try an unusual option - tea with apples: you need to pour boiling water over slices of apples or just peel them, to insist and add decoction to tea. Raspberries also go well with strong black tea. Fresh berries should be washed with boiling water, and then you can simply put them in tea.

We also offer an interesting version of green tea with lemon for the summer: pour boiling water on a crust of juicy fat lemon, zest, to wrap and insist. Then add green tea (tea leaves). Insist five minutes. Cool in the fridge. Drink chilled, you can with honey.

In addition, you can read an article about the classic tea recipe: Tea with honey and lemon - how to drink.

Milk and tea

An interesting option is to brew tea directly in milk, just as they do in Asia.Milk needs to be heated, diluted with hot water (or you can not dilute at all), add tea and cinnamon sticks, insist. For those with sugar, who need a bit of chocolate with them, the taste is delicate and festive.

Tea with honey: benefit or harm

Honey is better to add to warm tea, as in combination with hot tea it does more harm than good, although it will certainly help with colds. Already at 40 degrees honey begins to emit toxic substances. Honey can also be consumed with variations of cold tea.